Youth photos of Kobra Murat with his wife were stunned! “That’s not it”

Murat divandis using the name Kobra Murat are not off the agenda. Kobra Murat, who lives in Istanbul Balat, also attracts attention with his lifestyle.

Kobra Murat, who has made particular statements to Armağan Çağlayan in recent months, surprised him with his wealth.
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“I don’t have a pension, I have a house. I have rental income, and they are my children. I have two houses, two stores left. When I get old, I’ll win the soup again. ‘I don’t get angry at work or I sew costumes in my shop. I will find the money,” said Kobra Murat. “I was born in a slum. I had the greatest wealth, luck. Now we have everything.” It was talked about for a long time.
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The photos, taken in the teenage years of Kobra Murat, father of 3 children, shocked those who saw them.

Amazed was the move from Kobra Murat, who revealed the poses he struck with his wife years ago. Users made comments like “It’s not Cobra Murat”, “I don’t believe it, it’s definitely not Cobra”.

On the other hand, Kobra Murat, who was reading the poem he had been writing to his wife Emine in previous years, surprised the audience by taking the wig off his head. Cobra Murat, who remained in his natural state, continued to play after removing the wig.

The change in famous names over time is surprising.


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