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Actor Emre Karayel walked in front of the camera with his son and cousin. Karayel dropped the reference “cousins ​​meeting” in his post shared on his social media account.

Emre Karayel: Cousins ​​​​​​Reunion

Emre Karayel, known for productions such as ‘Untouched Love’, ‘Knot Hall’, ‘You Promised’, ‘1 Man 1 Woman’ and ‘Last Summer’, sat on the wedding table with interior designer Gizem Demir in 2020. After a happy marriage, Karayel welcomed her first baby, Can, 3 months ago.

The 41-year-old actor – who is happy to be a first-time father – shares his photos with his son on his social media account from time to time. Emre Karayel, in his latest post on his Instagram account, published the pose he gave hugging his little son Can and his cousin.

Karayel shared, “Meeting of the cousins… What is wealth? Men’s day…” He dropped the note.

The player’s post received more than 4,000 likes from his followers in a short time.

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