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With the support and contributions of the Turkish MP of the 22nd term of Bursa, Faruk Anbarcıoğlu, with his role as the founding commander of special forces, a huge project in Hollywood quality and technical structure, with an infrastructure and a training study of about 6 years as an action film, he Mustafa Şahin, the only Hollywood-trained director in Turkey with live OB vans with 8+1 full-booth system, which has never been implemented due to the high risk and costs, put this mark in the history of cinema. produced and directed by 30 actors from the DANCE WITH ARROWS ACTION DRAMA film for anti-hecker scenes with special sewing laboratory costumes team, 20 technicians and 9 cameramen, the first shooting started on March 27th, 2022 from Istanbul. This film, which will be filmed in many cities including Gaziantep, is expected to attract wide attention.

who have not yet accepted a project in Turkey.
The shooting, which is expected to last a total of about 6 months, during which the pride of our country lives in Germany, was approved by Savaş Menteş, who was also the closest bodyguard of many world stars from Paris Hilton to Michael Jackson, as well as the contribution to these recordings, of which expected that they will be a celebrity parade with the celebrities they see on the screens mingling with our people, official recordings and permits have been obtained from 22 provinces including Gaziantep.

Many local and foreign artists will take part in the filming, including Gaziantep. In the film, the 22nd term of Bursa, deputy Faruk Anbarcıoğlu, Ümit ACAR, professional actor Savaş Menteş, the close protection of world stars and actor Ayşen İnci, actriss actor coach and theater teacher Tuncay Akça, actor Yeşilçam film veteran Tevfik Yapıcı, professional actor coach theater teacher
İhsan Şakir Uyar, professional actor trainer living in France, Turkey, European and world champion in martial arts, Arzu Budak, the pride of our country, included in the Guinness Book of Records in 3 branches, professional actriss presenter Günay Gürlek , Retired Special Operations Actor Gulshen Hüseyinli, Azerbaijani Turkish Professional Actriss Host Programmer Zeynel Kabataş, Professional Actor Martial Arts Turkey European Champion and Actor Xhelal FERA, Macedonian Professional Actor Olesya Nechyporuk, Ukrainian Professional Martial Arts World Champion Cage Fighter Actriss Bülent Yağcı, Professional Martial Arts Turkey, Europe World champion, trainer and actress Yeliz Koblay, professional martial artist in Turkey, European world champion, trainer and actriss
Umu Bar, professional model actriss İlknur Keskin, one of the second beauties of Senegal, professional beautician and actriss
Merve Kuruncu, the fifth in Turkey and the third in Europe, our beautiful professional model and actriss Seda Gürda; Professional dancer trainer and actriss Burak Kabataş, professional martial arts and boxing world champion, trainer and actor in Turkey and Europe
Xhim Cuba, Macedonian professional actor Hüseyin Ekşioğlu, Turan Yürekli, Atalay Yılmazlar, Deniz Güngör, Enis Yüksel, Halil Özdemir and Istanbul Professional Yeşilçam players will also join GAZİANTEP.

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