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“What do you want in the world?” When they ask me, I answer without hesitation: “I want to be understood.” – Sabahattin Ali

It may be difficult for a writer to be understood, but; It is sad to hear from the mouth of an intellectual like Sabahattin Ali, who knows very well what he wants and what he is doing, and it doesn’t hurt to state it publicly, knowing that all this is leading him to death.. .

lover of socialism

He was in love with socialism; and justice and truth. Meanwhile, he expressed his love for beautiful women in his verse, making love a part of his life and pen… An intellectual who courageously expressed all his political views and expectations died.


The 40th generation who witnessed the darkness and hope and all the intellectuals who rebelled against the Turanist, right-wing and racist order of the time occupy a special place in Turkish literature; Combining Soviet “socialist realism” with Aragonese romanticism, with its own free language and original creativity, Ali’s murder became symbolic as one of the most serious events that raised concrete walls against socialism and enlightenment in that country.


Today is April 2nd… It has been 74 years since Sabahattin Ali died…

Pen with green ink…

Round Wire Glasses…

Innocent look… the love in your heart…

And a great literary genius.

When they all get together, Sabahattin makes Ali; like two and two make four!

But Sabahattin Ali is one of those rare men that two words cannot describe and shape…

Hallac-ı Mansur, whose limbs were torn apart while shouting “En el Hak”… Pir Sultan Abdal, who shouted the truth… He is no different from Prometheus, who shouts fire…

Entering the famous Karanfil Street from Ankara Kızılay Square, you will see DOST Bookstore; First you see a big sign on the door: “Sabahattin Ali lived in this apartment with his family for 11 years”

From time to time, my desire to sit in front of the sign and breathe coincides with my desire to live and remember it.


Ali, who was sent back to his country with government support for his involvement in a fight against racism while he was studying in Germany, was an intellectual who always said he knew the truth; He saw betrayal and found love. At certain stages of his 41-year life, living in the midst of this dualism, his writings and statements regularly brought him into conflict with the police and the state, and he was imprisoned from time to time… Court corridors and nomadic life became a part of his life…

Ali, who wrote Kuyucaklı Yusuf when he was a teacher in Konya in 1932, said perhaps one of his finest words, referring to the days when a prison sentence was sought for alienating people from military service.

“The only business in Anatolia caused by unemployment is gossip.”

It was always the obnoxious infantry. One of the most important events that led to his death was his fight with Nihal Atsız.


The year 1944 was very active around the world… As the war turned against Hitler, Nihal Atsız, then writing for Orhun Magazine, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Şükrü Saraçoğlu and complained about the intellectuals. .! He said:

“Everyone knows that Sabahattin Ali, one of the teachers at the Ankara State Conservatory, is a communist! This person, who writes verses denouncing Atatürk, all state officials, İsmet Pasha and the regime, is now the head of the culture department and the Deputy for Education Hasan Ali Yücel” He lives comfortably with the money of the Turkish nation, which he wants to ruin the protection of the Turkish nation..!”

With this letter he demanded the resignation of the Minister of Education, put Pertev Naili Boratav, Ahmet Cevat Emre, Sadrettin Celal Antel, who were then intellectuals, in the mouth of the ball and pointed to the execution table for Sabahattin Ali, whom he once called “my friend”. , when he put his hand on his shoulder on the way to Germany! !!


The streets were shaken by the anti-communist demonstration, and Nihal Atsız, accused by Ali of defamation, was greeted like a commander at the Ankara railway station, where he came to the hearing… And the calendars showed May 3, 1944. .!

The crowd singing the national anthem and shouting anti-communist slogans led to a riot in Ulus… They shouted that they would not disperse without meeting with Şükrü Saraçoğlu; As a result of the wounded and 165 imprisoned, Nihal Atsız and her friends defended themselves against the “National Provocation” and were sentenced to only 4 months!


Events somehow calmed down and this date was celebrated as Turkism Day on May 3, but the trial that led to the death of Sabahattin Ali 4 years later, with an execution in the deep state, was also opened..!

His head was not bent forward; He said never mind, never mind, but none of this was enough to keep him alive…

While attempting to escape at the Bulgarian border, he was assassinated by Ali Ertekin, whom he previously knew from prison and who would help him escape.

On the day his wire-rimmed glasses and green ink pen fell, this country lost a literary genius…

We are tired of leaving without Sabahattin Ali who has enchanted us in every line of his 41 year life; Your emphasis on him today like yesterday…

Glad you were there, master.

April 2, 1948 – April 2, 2022

If someone asks us when we will die tomorrow: “What have you seen in the world?” If he says, we probably won’t be able to find an answer. We don’t have time to run and see. (Sabahattin Ali)


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