London’s National Gallery renames the painting ‘Russian Dancers’

The name of the painting “Russian Dancers” in the National Gallery in London has been changed to “Ukrainian Dancers”. There has been debate over the name of the painting, which is a work by French painter Edgar Degas.

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After Russia launched an invasion operation in Ukraine on February 24, another interesting example was added to Western sanctions against Russian culture.

The National Gallery in London, the capital of England, has changed the name of the painting “Russian Dancers” by French Impressionist painter Edgar Degas to “Ukrainian Dancers”.

In the article in The GuardianThe table’s name was noted to have long been a subject of debate. According to the news, calls for the painting to be renamed increased after the war; Some Ukrainians started calling the National Gallery via social media.

The National Gallery, which changed the painting’s name after claims and debate flared up, said: “We felt it was the right time to update the painting’s name to better reflect its subject matter.”

According to those in favor of changing the name of the painting, this painting describes Ukrainians, and since the country’s entire geography was called “Russia” by the West during the Soviet Union, the painting was also called “Russian Dancers”. As evidence of this, the dancers wear blue and yellow headbands, which are the colors of the Ukrainian flag today.

The pastel painting in question shows folk dancers whom Degas says he admired at a performance in Paris.

Other paintings by Degas, in which he depicts dancers from different peoples of Russia as a series, will continue to be exhibited under the title “Russian Dancers”.


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