The book Malihulya by director Tayfun Pirselimoğlu is in Greek

The book “Malihulya” by the writer, director and painter Tayfun Pirselimoğlu has been translated into Greek.

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Author, director and painter Tayfun Pirselimoğlu’s book “Malihulya” has been translated into Greek by Politis Publishing. Pirselimoğlu, who attended the promotional invitation in Athens, answered questions from the press, critics and readers.

The author, who spoke about his 2003 book of black love stories at the launch, shared how the fairy tales his grandmother told him as a child developed his literary and imaginative world.

“My films were previously shown in Athens, there was a special retrospective; I also opened an exhibition in Athens. However, I wasn’t able to convey what I wrote,” said Pirselimoğlu.


Pirselimoğlu expressed his satisfaction at the interest Malihulya received from his Greek reader, saying: “What is written about the book, the drawings and the views that have reached me are of a quality to honor an author . I was especially pleased with the words of those who are familiar with my cinema. His persuasive questions are fun both as a director and as a writer.”

Pirselimoğlu’s latest book, Cadastrec, was published by İletişim Publishing House in August last year.


Born in Trabzon in 1959, Tayfun Pirselimoğlu went to Vienna after graduating from the Middle East Technical University, where he studied painting and engraving at the University of Applied Arts. He opened exhibitions in different cities of the world and participated in collective exhibitions.

He started cinema by writing screenplays, wrote and directed the films Pirselimoğlu Nowhere (2002), Rıza (2007), Pus (2009), Hair (2010), I’m Not Him (2013), Road Side (2017) , Kerr (2021).

Pirselimoğlu, Tales of the Desert (1996), Album of Missing Persons (2002), Malihulya (2003), Towers of the City (2005), Kerr (2014), Barber (2016), Surveyor (2021), and the Romane Hotel Rooms (2009), Harry He wrote the storybooks The Newest Lives of Lime or In Praise of the Third Man (2012), The Other Side of the Desert (2018) and the memoir Mithra and the Quails (2011).

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