Those who make music are as strong as those who make laws

A teacher training college is also to be set up

With hopes of starting an educational university, we wanted to look at the relationship between music and education, which is important enough to start a university. So much so that Confucian music “Do you want to understand whether a country is properly governed, morally lofty, or not? Listen to the music of this country.” sublime enough to say. In this sense, the relationship between education and music and music pedagogy is an important issue. Modern educational systems focus on the holistic development of the individual in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor sense. In this multifaceted perspective, art education and music education as part of it have an important place. Only with a good musical education can our students meet their aesthetic needs, satisfy their creative drive and develop their taste. However, with a good music education, we can instill musical habits in our students.

Our professional music training began in 1924 with the music teacher school

Ataturk described music as the joy, spirit, joy and everything of life, giving importance to art in general and saying that one of the lifelines of a nation without art was severed. A staff that attaches so much importance to art and music has taken serious steps in music education since the founding of the republic. They reviewed the general music programs with a contemporary approach and expanded music instruction. So much so that in 1981, music instruction was included in the associate and undergraduate programs of all higher education institutions, as well as elementary and general high schools. The founding staff and spirit attached so much importance to music education during such absences that they began professional music education for the first time in 1924 with the founding of the Music Teachers School in Ankara. On the other hand, the work on training music teachers in the history of the republic continued in 1937-1938 by the music department of Gazi Middle Teachers’ School and Education Institute and in the art department of Hasanoğlan High Village Institute between 1941-1947.

Music seminars opened in Istanbul Primary Teachers’ School in 1950 and Ankara Primary Teachers’ School in 1963-1964, first opened in 1951 as part of Istanbul Primary Teachers’ School and closed without a degree to train music-oriented class teachers, which closed in 1975 . On the other hand, between 1978 and 1981, the music departments of the secondary teacher training schools trained music teachers to train teachers for post-secondary institutions. And finally, in 1982 and 1983, by Legislative Decree No. 41 and Law No. 2809, all colleges offering professional music training were affiliated to the music training departments of the pedagogical faculties of the universities. In order to send more qualified students to these faculties, Anatolian Fine Arts High Schools were established in the 1989-1990 academic year. Through these high schools, the source of the arts and artistic culture of our country has been further enlarged, diversified and enriched.

A good music education leads to good behaviors

A good musical education is one of the best ways to reflect the good feelings that exist in people and convert them into behaviors. Students who can think and produce musically demonstrate good behavior. Art education, especially music education, is now at least as important as science and technology. Our country has to compete with the world not only in science and technology, but also in culture and arts, especially music. If we think that music, feelings and thoughts are sounds brought together with meaningful and aesthetic understanding, how much do we need these meaningful and aesthetic sounds as a society. For this reason, those who make folk songs and music are at least as strong as those who make laws. Folk songs and music are the voice of geography, people and experiences. Our students can only better understand and experience our cultural reality through music education.

The history of our music education is based on the Seljuks

The roots of music education in our country began in the Seljuk period, became clear and diverse in the Ottoman Empire, and were deeply rooted in the Republican period. Among the Seljuks, musical education was based on both religion and the military. While in Ottoman education hymns were sung in moderation in elementary schools and madrasahs, the Qur’an was sung in hymns and azan in modal patterns with a beautiful voice and rules. In the Enderuns, there were music lessons in the Meşkhane and traditional Turkish classical music was taught here. As part of the general school regulations that came into force in 1869, music lessons were initially given at girls’ schools, and in the 1910s at men’s schools. In 1910, Darülelhan was founded as a conservatory for Turkish classical music education. The music education in our country, which has a long history, was established on a scientific basis with the founding of the music teacher school in 1924. In the Republican era, investments were made specifically in music education. Music lessons have been expanded at all levels of education.

Folk culture should be kept alive and also benefit from living master artists.

The establishment of a music university in our country is a positive development. A university founded and run by people who understand music, from the rector to the faculty members, will be successful. When establishing such universities, a roadmap should be drawn up by taking into account the ideas of all music creators in Turkey. It shouldn’t just be a university. Interaction with the public should be of the highest standard, folk culture should be kept alive and living master artists should be included. On the other hand, the Ministry of National Education should renew its music books according to today’s general music education principles. Music books should be away from theories that alienate students from music, should be cute and efficient. Schools should be provided with the necessary tools and equipment for teaching music, and a branch music teacher should be assigned to each school. Parents and school administrators should be made aware of the importance of music lessons. Let’s not forget that music is not just a means of entertainment, but a way of communication that penetrates deeply into a person’s soul, conscience, mind and thoughts. Turkey for all of us, education for all of us…

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