Sedat Kılınç, who had resigned from MHP, was attacked in the TV studio and kidnapped.

WALL – Sedat Kılınç, a municipal council member of Kocasinan district in Kayseri who had quit the MHP, was attacked.

Sedat Kılınç, who will take part in Deniz Postası’s “Ramadan Talks” program, was attacked by a group of 40-50 people who raided the newspaper building.

Journalist Azim Deniz, who tried to protect his guest Sedat Kılınç, was also beaten. Ülkü Ocakları’s alleged group beat and kidnapped Sedat Kılınç.


A statement by Deniz Postası said: “We condemn this tyrannical encroachment on people’s freedom of information and journalism. There is no justification for this attack. Everyone has freedom of thought.”

Describing what happened, journalist Azmi Deniz said: “We would be live on Deniz Postası TV at the moment. We wanted to receive here the businessman and independent councilor of Kocasinan Municipality, Sedat Kılınç. A group of about 50 members of Ülkü Ocakları ambushed I was beaten in the studio: “They beat Sedat Kılınç very hard and kidnapped Sedat Kılınç. They kidnapped a man from the studio,” he said.

Sedat Kılınç, who made a statement to TELE 1 Television’s Ali Çadırcı, said that treatment procedures at the hospital were continuing and that he had been attacked by dozens of people who had introduced him as an MHP supporter.


After the words of MHP Kayseri MP Baki Ersoy about the economic difficulties of the people, he was disciplined with a demand for expulsion from the party.

Sedat Kılınç, who responded to Ersoy’s sacking request with his statement “The inflation figures do not reflect the truth, the rate hikes are turning their backs on the nation”, resigned from the MHP.

Kılınç told TELE 1 Television yesterday: “The things that Baki Ersoy criticizes are right, there is nothing wrong. Everybody knows. Everyone is aware of inflation when they go to market.” (NEWS CENTER)

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