The Turkish author, who describes al-Fihri in his English book, has been included in the “Best Seller” list in the US

According to Anadolu Agency news;

NEW YORK (AA) – The Turkish writer Münevver Olgun Yüksel, who lives in the USA, made it into the “bestseller” list of the Internet sales site Amazon with his second children’s book.

Yuksel, who lives in the state of New Jersey, has risen to number one in the Amazon bestseller list in the “Islamic biography” category with his English-language picture book for children.

With her new book “One Wish: Fatima Al-Fihri and the World’s Oldest University”, Yüksel said that she wanted to strengthen Muslim children’s confidence in their own identity by introducing Fatima al-Fihri, the founder of the oldest university in the world, to Muslim children born and raised in the United States.

Using lyrical language in her new work, which means ‘One wish’ in Turkish, Yüksel said of the book, which is contributed by illustrator Mariam Quraishi with her stunning illustrations, ‘By showing English-speaking children the true story of an extraordinary Muslim woman communicated to tell them how one person who never gives up on their dreams can change the world.” I wanted.” called.

The author said that he first heard the name of al-Fihri, whose full name was Fatima Muhammed el-Fihri al-Kurayş and in 9 I did not know her before. About 1200 years ago I could not turn down the opportunity to introduce our children to a Muslim woman who founded her oldest university.” the phrases used.

– “A woman who dedicated her life and wealth to science”

Münevver Yüksel said there are “almost negligible” sources about Muslim figures who will take children in the US as role models, adding that he faced the same problem when his children were in elementary school and that he ” chose an exemplary woman who was devoted to her life and wealth of science” as the protagonist of her book.

Yuksel, who spent his entire inheritance on the path of science from his father Abu Abdullah Mohammed bin Abdullah al-Fihri, who was a jurist and merchant, left the Karaviyyin Mosque and Madrasa built in Fez, Morocco, in 859 manufacture in the Guinness Book of Records and UNESCO He stressed that it was registered as “the oldest university in the world”.

The historical figures educated at the University of al-Fihri who inspired Yüksel’s book include philosophers such as Ibn Rushd, Ibn Khaldun and Ibn Bace, as well as names such as the geographer Eş-Sharif al-Idrisi, the mystic Ibn Hazm, and the medical scholar Ibn Maimun.

The educational institution, which has existed for around 12 centuries and which continues to educate students today under the name “Karaviyyin University”, has one of the most important libraries in the world with over 4,000 manuscripts.

“In My Mosque”, an English children’s book by Yüksel, who emigrated with his family to New York in 1975 when he was young, was on Amazon’s bestseller list and received numerous awards in the USA.

The book, which was recognized by the American Journal of School Library as an award-worthy and recommended list for public school libraries, also received international recognition.

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