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Public institutions and municipalities sometimes organize various art competitions; Picture, story, poem, short film etc.

Of course, these competitions are a gift to our art world.old hand‘although it doesn’t claim to win’Self-presentation‘ is particularly important for young minds as a platform that offers opportunities.

Various cash prizes also make the competitions attractive. Aside from the financial reward, however, being recognized for a job well done is a separate pleasure.

We know that the path of some masters who have changed the world of literature is sometimes through poetry, short stories sent to a magazine and sometimes through competitions.

Why is it so important for us humans to express our feelings in a painting, a composition or a literary text? Why do you have to write?

by Peter Weir (1989) United States of America manufacturing) Society of Dead Poets those who have seen the film will remember; Set at Welton Academy, known for its strict discipline, the film is about a teacher who inspires his students by speaking about poetry and art. John Keatingfrom (Robin Williams) tells his story.

In the modern world, we may think that it is unnecessary and useless for someone studying business or medicine to ponder 19th-century literature.

Of course, since we read and write poetry with the enthusiasm of high school students, we will not be artists, we will not be Shakespeare, Rembrandt, Necip Fazıl or Yahya Kemal…

And yet we humans don’t read and write poetry just because it’s beautiful; We read and write because we are members of the human race, and within the human race there are euphorias, screams waiting to be expressed, silent screams.

According to Keating, who believes that words and ideas can change the world, medicine, law, technology, etc.; They are noble professions necessary to life, but poetry, beauty, love, affection… We live for some of them.

Without romanticizing the subject any further, I would like to inform you about a competition in the field of art.

Municipality of Umraniye Perhaps the painting, story and poetry contest that John Keating has been running for 18 years sparks the human enthusiasms John Keating mentioned.

Light on the tongue, 18 years old.

The works submitted to the nationwide and open competition are evaluated in two stages by the jury committees formed separately for each subject area and the first, second and third prize winners of the competition are determined.

As far as I know, the winning works (poems and stories) will be collected and published in a book and the pictures will be exhibited.

The community has chosen the theme of this year’s painting contest (Mr. presidentfrom United Nationsas criticism of the unjust decision-making mechanism (The world is bigger than five) based on the word ‘New world order‘ Was decided.

Application deadline for the competition Friday, July 1, 2022 set as working day (end of working day).

The theme of the story and poetry contest is free; last participation date Friday, May 27, 2022.

Ümraniye mayor who said that thanks to the competitions they encourage talented people to culture and arts. Ismet Yildirim made a good analogy; “If we consider the city as a body, culture and art form the soul of this body..’

In fact, cities aren’t just about infrastructure and zoning; they also develop with the study of culture, art and literature.

Yes, we can build beautiful cities, but so can the people who will live in those cities.cheerful people‘ needs to be cultivated.

wise architect Turgut Cansever what did he say:

If you fail to revive the generation while rebuilding the city, the generation you neglect will destroy the city you built.

The famous poet and thinker, who spent his life on the path of rising national and spiritual values, took part in this year’s competitions in Ümraniye Master Sezai KarakoçWe remind you that it is dedicated.

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