Kubat: I’ve always tried to be innovative and brave


◊ Congratulations on your new album “Koca Dünya”. After four years you made a surprise album for your fans. what are you feeling; What feedback have you received so far?
– You did it again as you would, I’m getting exactly the reactions I want to hear, thank goodness. I wanted each album to have its own unique sound and arrangement, and my listeners always eagerly awaited the next album. Balancing new tastes with my style of music and traditional tunes is a difficult task, but I’ve always made sure to be bold and innovative. I think this is the musical lineage of those who, like me, admire the nature and culture of the new world and know the value of the blessings it offers us.

◊ So far we have heard different genres of music on your albums. When you said jazz, pop, latin, funk, this time there was rap involved and you sang a duet with Fuat Ergin. How did the idea of ​​a duet with a rapper come about?
– “The Big World” is a long song my late father composed 40 years ago in response to inequality, injustice, cruelty and oppression. When I started working on the repertoire of this album 3 years ago, I decided to modernize and pack this long vibe into the album.
While preparing the demo I found a great riff, I thought if very nice words were written on this riff instead of a long melody it would reinforce those intermediate parts of the “rap”. Because there are so many words to say about injustice and oppression in the world.
While designing the long air/rap in my head I thought that we could only give it credit to Fuat Ergin who is also the father of rap who I am a fan of this rap of. The result, I thought, was a great piece that became the name of the album and we shot our music video for “Koca Dünya”.


◊ As just mentioned, there is a very broad musical spectrum on your albums. What is the source of this wealth? The musicians you work with or your own background?
– The advantages of being born and raised in Belgium in western music. I tend towards ethnic instruments and electronic music. In short, I love all genres very much and I try to adapt them to our melodies in moderation. Of course, this is a team job, for this your arranger, namely your chef, must be very talented. My arranger Mehmethan Dişbudak has signed hundreds of albums and many different genres of music. We put our heads together and adjust the dose, but he’s boiling. I work with a good cook who knows the world cuisine, I’m lucky.


◊ Turkey got to know and love you in 1996 with your first album. A lot has changed in the world since then. Now, looking out the window of 2022, what kind of changes do you see in Kubat so far?
– I think I always manage to update myself by facing facts and situations. That’s why I’m always open to new things and reflect that in my music. I’m one of those people who insist on having a CD, even if it’s just an album and a gift. Next time I’ll omit that too.

◊ Recently there has been a lot of talk about movies about the life of singers. Would you like to make a film about your life?
– Maybe after me. If the artist has done a remarkable job in the name of art and attitude, why not? Everyone sure has a story.

◊ Let’s go back in time… If you were to give a name to each period of your artistic life, in which period do you think you are living now?
– When I said I was raw, boiled, burned. I’m in the “I got burned” era of my art!


◊ Each poet has a special place in the heart of folk music lovers. Well, which poet’s songs make your heart tremble the most?
– All poets are very valuable, but Mahzuni Şerif and Neşet Ertaş have a special place in me. For me Mahzuni is the poet who best describes God and Neşet is the poet who brings love to life.

◊ You have left 26 years in the music industry behind you. Your name wasn’t a sensation, your fight wasn’t your noise, the paparazzi weren’t chasing you. Over the years you have only excelled in your work and won hearts. What’s the secret of it?
– No doubt we made mistakes because we are human but I never preferred to live my private life in front of the camera.
Since I felt someone should be a role model, I paid a little more attention to the steps I was taking. Yes, it’s exhausting, but in the long run it’s a situation where you have to say “good luck”.

◊ Do you have dreams about your job that you expect or don’t achieve?
– I try very hard to defend my position. I think I’ve made my dreams come true, but I still have a lot of music to do and a lot to say.




◊ Again there is a topic that has been talked about a lot lately, namely the stage costumes of female singers. What do you think about it? Are there limits to the stage or is anything done or carried on stage allowed?
– There is such a thing as a stage show, when he makes light music, when he is a crazy personality and wants to push the boundaries with his outfit, how can we call that name? You like it or not, you watch it or not, that’s it.

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