The world’s first film was shot on Mount Judi

Noah’s Ark in Judi 2, which took about a year to prepare, was produced by Hz for the first time in the world. It stands out for being the film shot in the “Sefine” region of Mount Cudi, believed to be the seat of Noah’s Ark.


In the production, directed by Gürsel Ateş, the mayoral elections are intertwined with the entertaining and dramatic story of the American team that came to investigate Noah’s Ark. As Selo (Metin Yıldız) and Maho (Ercüment Aydın) prepare for the elections, the film is where Aras (Bülent Durgun) struggles to escape marriage and Doğu (Emre Özmen) and Yaren’s (Esma Soysal) love full of obstacles crossing each other, a film full of laughter, adventure and sadness presents the story.


Producer Bülent Durgun emphasized that he was very excited and said: “The film ‘Noah’s Ark’ has already been shot abroad. It also had worldwide impact, but we bravely and gratefully chose to shoot our film on its original location for the first time. “We completed the process with great appreciation from our audience. Our first film was greatly appreciated by our audience. In our Both emotional and entertaining moments await our audience in the sequel, which will hit the big screen on April 22. Everyone will be very emotional, “Especially in one scene. As a team, we experienced spiritual moments during the shoot, almost everyone cried. We’re looking forward to it,” he said.

A world premiere!  A film was shot on Mount Cudi

A world premiere!  A film was shot on Mount Cudi

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