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Emin Tekke, a student with autism in Kırklareli, made Ataturk silhouettes from 15,000 plastic bottle caps he collected.

Tekke, who lives in Pınarhisar village in Sütlüce, started collecting covers 4 months ago as part of the Children from Waste to Art project initiated at Bilal Yapıcı Special Education Vocational School, where he was educated.

Tekke made 5 different Atatürk silhouettes using the 15,000 covers it collected under the supervision of art teachers Nurcan Dilden and Ebru Savaş.

Emin Tekke told Anadolu Agency that he has collected 15,000 waste caps so far.

Tekke explained that he left almost no trash in the village and explained that he made Ataturk silhouettes and portraits using the mosaic technique.

Tekke explained that he feels very comfortable working with covers, saying, “I want to do more silhouettes.”


On the other hand, teacher Ebru Savaş explained that with the project they want to recycle waste materials and ensure that students with autism are exposed to art.

Explaining that they made Atatürk silhouettes from waste caps and mosaic art, Savaş said, “Our work took 4 months. We are very happy that we turned recycled products into art. We’ve particularly seen developments among our students who are turning recycled products into art. Our student Emin, for example, reached the level at which he can express himself today when he was very introverted,” he said.

Teacher Nurcan Dilden, on the other hand, explained that they wanted to raise awareness for children with autism and that they implemented the project to give them a better perspective on life and to show that waste can be turned into art.


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