Books stop the bombs – Breaking News


The struggle against the Russian occupation in Ukraine continues. Many places in the east and south are completely occupied. Kyiv is preparing for the Russian attack. Trenches were dug in the streets and barricades erected. Scenes from World War II can be seen everywhere. Some streets are almost completely empty. The inhabitants of the houses migrated far away from the occupation to the cities. Every day, new photos are circulating around the world from the city preparing for a big fight. One of them is a photograph of a house whose windows have been closed with books in case of a possible Russian attack. The house is in the center of Kyiv. The windows are draped with books, almost a book barricade has arisen. Lev Shevchenko, 32, who took a photo of the book barricade…


He lives one street away from the house. We reached Schevcenko in Kyiv and asked for this photo. Shevchenko works in a company that produces digital content and told Hürriyet: “The whole world now knows what is going on in Kyiv. Our people are trying to defend themselves. The house where this photo was taken is one street away from where I live. I happened to see it while walking by. I took it and shared it. Everyone thought it was my home, but it’s not. I don’t know how protective the books would be, but it’s a rare sight. It’s a big block of flats. I don’t know who lives in the house. People are very afraid of war. It’s really scary for her to knock on his door or ask who he is. It’s a good feeling to know that we have a neighbor like Turkey on the other side of the sea. We have strong relationships that come from history.”

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