Master authors meet their readers at the 7th Üskudar Book Fair

Turkey’s 120 leading publishers and brands will present hundreds of works to readers at the fair set up inside and in the garden of the Bağlarbaşı Congress and Culture Center.

Experienced authors, who are guests at the autograph sessions as part of the fair, sign their books for their readers as well as the opportunity to chat with their fans.

Islamic historian and writer Prof. DR. İhsan Süreyya Sırma made statements to the AA correspondent at the Beyan Publications booth where he signed his books.

Sırma said: “In our time there was no book to read, but there were many readers. Now there are many books, but the readership has decreased. The biggest reason for this is social media. It killed the book, people don’t read books anymore.”

Sırma, who has published 30 books and hundreds of articles in the field of Islamic history, pointed out that authors must continue to write books and publishers must keep publishing. They are almost asking the price of onions on the Internet. This is a disaster. That’s why you have to turn to the book.” gave his assessment.

“They made me feel like the book was a priority”

Educator and writer Vehbi Vakkasoğlu, who signed his books at the Ensar Publishing Group booth, explained that he didn’t expect much interest in the fair due to the current conditions and said: “Mashallah, once again they made us feel that the book is a priority need and that the author is a respected professional. I’m very happy with it, I’m happy.” used the expressions.

Vakkasoğlu also said, “I commemorate and warmly embrace everyone who contributed, especially the Mayor of Üsküdar Municipality, Hilmi Türkmen, who contributed to the ideas, implementations and financial and moral burdens of this fair,” he said.

“We are very pleased about the interest in the book”

Author Betül Zarifoğlu explained that her book I’m Against!, which she signed at the fair, was created by adding some articles related to her articles in I’m Against, I Wish It Happened and “I Wish It Happened” is similar to “Enough Be” column in Cafcaf humor magazine created under the direction of writer Asım Gültekin who passed away two years ago.

Zarifoğlu expressed that young people show more interest in the book because of its humorous lyrics:

“I am also very happy to reach out to young people. Uskudar Book Fair is one of the most valuable places and formations of this site and I am very happy to be here to see the interest in the book at a time when our priorities are changing. It makes us very happy. It should be permanent and continuous. I hope that the quality of the attention will also be high.”

“We had the opportunity to introduce the newly published books to the reader”

Server Publishing’s Ömer Faruk Güneş also said that unlike the previous ones, they had the opportunity to present the newly released books to the readers’ appreciation.

Güneş said that “Think Well, Live Well, Critical Thinking in 30 Days”, the just released second book in the “Critical and Analytical Thinking” series, is attracting attention and is encouraged for daily use through donations Advice on critical analytical thinking within a 30 day plan.

Noting that the “Journey to the Horizon” competition books organized this year in four categories on the theme of “Thinking Healthy” also caught the attention of readers, Güneş said:

“Our competition Journey to the Horizon, the competition with the most participants in Turkey, has books this year. There is a great demand, especially in the elementary and secondary school categories. Our translations with ‘Feyzü’l Furkan’ interpretations are also very popular. The books by Mehmed Zahid Kotku and especially the book ‘Makalat-ı Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli’ by Prof. Dr. Mahmud Esad Coşan are also attracting a lot of attention.”

“Sufi, catechism and children’s books attract attention”

Semerkand Publishing’s Volkan Kuşkaya shared that they hosted writers Sulhi Ceylan and Selim Uğur at their stand and that Ali Sözer will meet book lovers at the fair on February 27th.

Noting that Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen’s book The Great Islamic Catechism and Savaş Barkçin’s series Mind of Civilization, Ottoman Mind and The Mind of the Heart are among the most popular books, Kuşkaya said: “More Sufi books are interesting. “In addition, science and children’s books attract the reader’s attention. Many books from 0-3 years to elementary school and beyond are at our stand. We are happy about the interest of the readers.” he said.

Dozens of publishers including Albaraka Publishing, Dergah Publishing, Doğan Kitap, Iz Publishing, Ketebe Publishing, Kubbealtı Publishing, Rönesans Publishing, Şule Publishing, Yeditepe Publishing, Cezve Publishing, Hayy Kitap, İletişim Publishing and Nesil Publishing Group will attend the fair on 27th of February. She will continue to meet with book enthusiasts until

Ahmet Özhan, Dursun Gürlek, Zebiniso Husyn Kamalova, Ömer Tuğrul İnançer, Kemal Sayar, Saliha Erdim, Sedat Anar, Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, Hayati İnanç, Beşir Ayvazoğlu, İskender Pala, İlber Ortaylı and Numan Kurtulmuş will also attend the 7th Uskudar Book Fair part will host many names including .

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