Rubbish collector Roman now award-winning Director: Elmas Arus

She is the only daughter of a Roman family with 5 children who make a living from collecting waste paper. Diamond ArusHe is President of the Zero Discrimination Association, which today campaigns for Roma rights. Arus has 6 documentaries and dozens of commercials in cinema and advertising direction.

Arus told his life story to Ece Çelik from Hürriyet. Arus explained that the 6-year-old, who immigrated to Istanbul from Amasya, and the whole family, including his other 4 siblings, started collecting rubbish, saying: “There is no question that someone who lives in the house , not working. I kept collecting papers until I was 15,” he said.

“My father taught me to read and write by saying, ‘Don’t be blind,’ because he thought he couldn’t send his daughter to school culturally,” Arus said. I started crying in the principal’s room and said, “I want to study.” My father ran after me. He too entered the room. The director said: “The child wants to learn, print it out”. Back then, in our society, going to school for a girl is like a trip into space. A wonder. My father sent me to school. I was the first girl in the family to go to school,” she said. At 13 he wanted to get engaged and resisted; He explained that the ace went to Elmas during this time, saying that he graduated from secondary school from abroad and that he was able to study in high school, deceiving his father that “if you If you don’t send him, the state will punish him”. .

“Roma women have shackles on their hands and feet”

Arus explained that after that he entered the Department of Radio and Television at Trakya University and that during his university education he started to define his life, problems and identity and that the idea for the documentary film “Haçuk” was born had arisen at this time. Arus, who has joined Istanbul University’s Journalism Department, spoke about the process of establishing the Zero Discrimination Association, which defends Roma rights; “We’ve made great strides in novels. However, there are still major problems to be overcome. The Roma woman experiences multiple fragility. As “Stallion Diamond” I tried to reduce this social pressure. If we think that there are shackles on women’s arms in Turkey, then Roma women have shackles on their hands and feet.” he said.

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