‘Behzat C.’ her character was used on the book cover without permission; Erdal Beşikçioğlu won the compensation case

actor Erdal Besikcioglu ‘giving life’Behzat C‘Character’The Hero’s Journey – Mythical Manhood and Crime DramaHe won the 55,000 lira damages lawsuit filed by Bilgi University against Bilgi İletişim Grubu on the grounds that he used it without permission on the cover of the book titled “.

Erdal Beşikçioğlu, who won everyone’s admiration with his performance in the film “Bergen”, Aydin Kurban, Ahu Savaskan and Gulsah Atalar He filed a lawsuit for compensation for using the actor’s photo on the cover and page 83 of the book entitled The Hero’s Journey – Mythic Masculinity and Crime Drama published 5 years ago by the Bilgi Communications Group of the Bilgi University was published and written by Volkan Yücel.

According to the news in Sözcü, it was explained that the photos used without permission in the petition of the lawsuit filed in the Istanbul Civil Court for Intellectual and Commercial Rights angered Erdal Beşikçioğlu and that his moral rights were violated.

“Used for academic purposes”

The lawyer for the Bilgi Communication Group company at Bilgi University, on the other hand, stated that the photo was not a work of art, that it was not used for academic purposes, that the conditions for material and moral damage were not met and that the lawsuit was not upheld because of scientific Use to be dismissed taking into account the social life of the plaintiff in society.

“Opposition-olithic public domain”

The book’s author, sociologist Volkan Yücel, explained that the cover photo is not just a popular artist photo, but an image of a performer with an oppositional, political and publicly controversial character, and that the book is intended as a printed doctoral thesis, exclusively for educational and educational purposes.

“The book serves scientific purposes”

Arguing that the book is funded by the state with a TÜBİTAK grant and that it is a doctoral thesis that can be downloaded directly and free of charge from the YÖK website and is purely educational, Volkan Yücel called for the case to be rejected by Die Istanbul Bilgi University only sells about 500 books in each book published and usage is for scholarly purposes.

Considering that the author’s main purpose was to produce a scientific paper, the court dismissed the case on the grounds that the conditions for compensation were not met.

“The photo book cover was created for advertising purposes”

Aydin Kurban, Erdal Beşikçioğlu’s attorney who appealed the decision, stated that the photo used in the book subject to the lawsuit was a work and that this photo was no different from the real image of plaintiff Erdal Beşikçioğlu.

In his petition, Aydın Kurban said that the use of his photo in the book was subject to Beşikçioğlu’s consent, saying: “It is against the law to make a commercial profit by covering the cover of a book with the photos of famous people designed and placed this book in a commercial medium to publish and sell it. The book is not intended for educational and educational purposes and is sold for a fee. The photo was used not only in the book but also on the book cover and used as a promotion and advertisement for the book.

Court of Appeal: Photo used without permission

After examining the appeal application, the 16th Civil Chamber of Istanbul Regional Administrative Court assessed the expert opinions and evidence and ruled that Bilgi Communication Group and writer Volkan Yücel pay 40,000 liras in material compensation and 15,000 liras in moral compensation for unauthorized use of Erdal Beşikçioğlu’s photo.

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