Books about the spirit of Çanakkale distributed to children in Batman

Batman Sason’s teachers distributed books about the victory of Çanakkale to the children living in the countryside so that they could learn and experience the meaning of the great victory.
In Sason, teachers distributed books about the victory to children living in rural areas who have no access to the internet and could not do research, in order to transmit the events of the Çanakkale victory to the new generation and help them understand them better.
Sason Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Deputy Principal Alperen Muammer Temiz stated that they will continue to work to keep the spirit of Çanakkale alive. Temiz explained that as teachers they are responsible for teaching the children the blessed epics such as the Battle of Çanakkale and the glorious victories of the ancestors and teaching them about blessed victories, Temiz said: “With the movement for kindness, we have beginning this Started year Under the name of Alperen Goodness Movement, we collected stationery, books, shoes, coats We previously collected donations such as sports equipment for our village schools and children We distributed almost a thousand books On this occasion before the anniversary of our Çanakkale victory, we presented to our children in our villages our story sets entitled ‘Liberation Çanakkale, Last Fortress Çanakkale’ and put a stone in their hearts for the love of home that we wanted,” he said.

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