Cop turns wood into art with nails and wire

He brought wood together with nails and wires.

Dilmaç, who started his career 12 years ago in the Istanbul Police Department’s riot department, was impressed by a figraphy exhibition he visited.

Dilmaç, who was doing research on philography in the Hocalar district, where he was called after his 2-year oriental service in Hakkari, after the course he was taking began to create various works with materials such as hammer, wire, wood and nails.

Dilmaç, whose interest in philography is increasing day by day and developing his talent, has been performing his art outside of work hours in a room of his home for 5 years.

Dilmaç told Anadolu Agency (AA) that filography is an art created when nails and wire meet in skilled hands.

Emphasizing that a person’s skill is very important, Dilmaç said: “When I started, I finished a philographic work in about 10 days. Now I do the same amount of work in 1-2 days. Therefore, we have improved our artistic skills and the production time of our works has been reduced.”

Dilmaç explained that the first rule of art is patience and that she has learned patience again.

Dilmaç said he usually works on the Turkish flag, calligraphy, symmetrical patterns, sports team logo, personalized silhouette and name tag on a cloth backing on wood.

“The profession of police officer is very sacred. I have been doing this job sincerely and lovingly for 12 years, even if it has difficult parts. We also indulge in the art of fiography. It makes me forget the negativity that I have experienced in life at of artistic performance. My head and mind are empty. When I do filography, my confidence is renewed. Our view of people becomes different. I am more firmly attached to my profession.”


Dilmaç noted that some of his fellow police officers, on his recommendation, took up philography by setting up workshops in their homes.

Dilmaç explained that those who saw her works liked her very much, saying, “I opened a course for women at the Women’s Culture House in our district for a while and taught them philography. I opened an exhibition on some special days Happily, I will present President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the ‘Presidential Force’ which I finished in about a month. I want to present them.” the phrases used.

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