Deezer breaks new ground in digital music competition – Other news

Since 2014, France-based Deezer has been able to display a song’s lyrics in sync with the second it’s playing. Deezer has now taken this feature, which was also introduced to Spotify last year, to a whole new dimension: the company has announced its in-app real-time text translation feature.

Popular music platform Spotify continues to add new features to its structure. Finally, Spotify comes with a TikTok-like feature.

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to instantly translate the lyrics of a song into a language of your choice. Deezer currently supports translation of more than 10,000 songs and only offers translations from English to German, French, Spanish and Portuguese; More language options will be added soon.

According to the company, those using their phone in English will need to update their language settings in Deezer settings to French, Portuguese, German or Spanish in order to be able to translate text into any of the supported languages.

If the microphone icon below is pressed while the music is playing, the lyrics can be accessed in the original language. At this stage, if the “with translation” button is clicked, the words will be immediately translated into the target language. Deezer has also shared content that supports this feature and also the platform’s top 10 songs are:

Deezer rolled out its new feature across Android, iOS, and desktop apps, as well as the web version. Lyrics translation can be used in all membership packages regardless of Free, Family and Premium. As a reminder, Spotify offers the feature of showing lyrics to both free and paid users.

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