Emine Tavuz’s book Rotten Cherry III Viran has been declared bad

Department of Family and Social Services Emine TavuHe declared z’ book “Rotten Cherry III Viran” as “bad”. The exhibition and sale of the book were restricted.

The Department of Family and Social Services, the agency responsible for protecting minors from harmful publications, declared another book “bad”.

The decision, which was announced to the public, included the following statements:

“Analysis of the book named “ROOTTEN CHERRY III VİRAN” which has been ex officio reviewed by our Board of Directors.
At the end; Some of the articles in the book are harmful to the spirituality of those under the age of 18.
is inherently to have an effect; For this reason, the book in question bears the number 3266 of Law No. 1117.
It was unanimously decided to be subject to the restrictions in Article 4 as amended by law.
Those affected will be notified.”

“There was no water, no sun. It died, nobody heard it”

The back cover of the book contains the following text:

“It was suicide, neither of them realized it until they died. That day, as Esila Karam faced her own truth and unbelievable pain followed her, she began to look like a flower dying in a flower pot day by day.

There was no water, no sun. He was dying, no one heard.

He held a knife in his hand, no one was to be seen. Believing that he could hide his mental illness from everyone, he kept running to Asrın, knife in hand, but neither Asrın was sane enough to see this knife, nor was Esila sane enough to realize that he held the knife.

As secrets were shared, As the apocalypse broke, And as the expected blood flowed from the knife, There was a death in the name of which they parted. He sat down, all the clouds wept over it.”

Who is Emine Tauz?

The book’s author, Emine Tavuz, is described on Epsilon’s website as follows: She was born on May 3, 1998. He lives in Istanbul. After his high school education, he froze the school he won and pursued his goals and the talent he believed existed. Believing that writing is about feelings, the author began his writing adventure with his work called Rotten Cherry.

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