From TRT to the bid question: It’s none of the public’s business!

Thursday April 14, 2022

The citizen who applied to CIMER for the food package that TRT sent to its employees who contracted the coronavirus received the reply “it’s none of the public’s business”.

The TRT Directorate-General sent a food package consisting of tangerine, quince, kiwi, apple and orange and honey to the homes of its employees who contracted the coronavirus during the pandemic process.

In 2022, the facility sent a set of thermo mugs, chocolate and coffee to its employees. A citizen also asked if TRT would bid for the food package and gift set under the right of access and how much would be paid for those gifts. TRT’s response was “it’s none of the public’s business”.

When the TRT spokesman tried to criticize IMM, he was embarrassed and deleted the post.


According to T24’s Asuman Aranca, a citizen who applied to CIMER under the Right to Information Act asked TRT questions about two different gifts he had sent to his employees.

“The largest source of income is the share of various taxes paid by 84 million 680 thousand 273 people. According to the same report of the Court of Accounts, in 2020, 1 billion 205 million 785 thousand lire will be collected as a contribution share from citizens’ electricity bills; the Turkish Radio and TV company, whose advertising revenue was announced at just 283 million 434 thousand TL, or TRT for short; The citizen who said, “Is there a tender for making these sets, was made for making these sets? If yes, who won the tender and for how much? If the tender didn’t go out, how much did TRT pay for these tea-coffee sets from its own resources? Also, where were the fruits sent and how much were they bought for? Is it normal that TRT, which pays for the taxes of citizens like me, uses part of the money it receives from us to send fruit or give away tea sets to its employees? he asked.


TRT’s Internal Communications and Employer Brand Directorate refused to answer the questions sent via CIMER, saying it “is not of public interest.”

The Directorate’s reply states: ‘Your application for Cimer has been examined under Law No. 4982 on the right to information. In Article 25 of the aforementioned law, entitled “Internal Regulations”; The provision “Information or documents from institutions and organizations that do not concern the public and relate only to their own staff, as well as the regulations on their internal practice are excluded from the right of access …”. We present it for your information”.

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