Giant Music Festival is coming to Coachella Fortnite

It has been announced that the world famous music festival Coachella, which takes place between April 15th and 24th, has partnered with the popular game Fortnite. As part of this collaboration, festival-inspired content and products will be added to the game in the coming days.

Technological developments and the increasing use of the Internet is what many people in the world spend most of their time today. in digital environments through which it passes. In fact, the increasing popularity of concepts like “metaverse” and NFTs shows that virtual worlds will be a big part of our lives in the future.

If this is the case, many companies, organizations and individuals invest in such things. The music industry is also affected by this situation. Over the past few weeks we have informed you that Universal Music, the largest music company in the world, has purchased an NFT to host virtual concerts and form a virtual band. It is also the largest music festival in the world. Coachella announced that he has entered the world of NFT in the past few months and that those who purchase NFT will receive a lifetime ticket. Now there’s fresh news on Coachella’s investment in virtual content.

Coachella is coming to Fortnite

The giant organization that will take place on April 15th in the state of California and will bring many giant artists to the stage, Fourteen days Partnering with Epic Games for Many of Coachella’s festivals will begin tomorrow and last through April 24, according to Coachella, which has made its first foray into the gaming world. product and content It will be added to Fortnite.

The news stated that these products and content will be added to the game with two different sets, the first on April 14th and the second on April 22nd. the first tonight at 03:00 CET created with inspiration from the Coachella festival to be added to the content. Character skins and cosmetics It has been said that there will be many things such as in the game too by Icon Radio is also taken over by the festival; In this way, players will take the stage of the festival from the radio that plays in the vehicles in Fortnite. You can listen to 30 artists transfer.

coachella & fortnite

Although this partnership was Coachella’s first step in these matters, Fortnite had made many strides in music before that. Known for its great collaborations, the popular game has featured great artists like Marshmello, Travis Scott and Ariana Grande. to virtual concerts moderated, he showed how the music industry could change in the future.


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