Hayali Murat Seyman cheers up the month of Ramadan

Imaginary Murat Seyman said he is happy to contribute to children’s development by keeping an art alive, especially during the nights of Ramadan: “We have been engaged in this art since 2004. Karagöz – Hacivat shadow play middle game. We started in Sındırgı in 2006. Since 2006 we have been carrying on traditionally. We have taken a two-year pandemic break. We were there together with live broadcasts from social media. But this year we met again with our children. Seeing the twinkle, happiness, Karagöz – Hacivat shadow play in the children’s eyes, this excitement is more than enough for us. We are happy, we find a piece of ourselves while playing. When we go on stage, we become a kavuk. On the back, we live Karagöz – Hacivat wholeheartedly. If we can add something to our children, we try to provide them with their education, development, various activities and games. In this way we are happy if we can transmit to them the joy of Ramadan, the religious and spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan, if we can keep the ancient Ramadan traditions alive. As far as we know, we are alone in Balikesir, which makes us proud,” he said.

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