How to mirror your phone screen to TV without spending a dime? Connect to your TV with one click

In different situations it may be necessary to mirror the screen of the mobile phone to our TV. Actually, this process is mostly used to watch movies, videos and series or helps us to show photos and content to our friends and relatives more easily.

Depending on the model of your smartphone or tablet and the type of television, we can use different ways to do this.

For example, you can purchase external media that enable wireless connection between devices. Among them, the most popular are: Google Chromecast, Firestick TV and AirPlay2 use technology apple tv.


Or you can buy HDMI cables and adapters. The two main protocols currently available for transferring content between these devices are: MHL and Slimport. Although similar, these two protocols differ in compatibility and supported technologies. In fact, the MHL cable can only be connected to HDMI ports and even supports 8K formats. The Slimport cable, on the other hand, can be connected to both the HDMI port and the VGA port and supports most 4K formats.

However, both approaches involve buying from physical intermediaries. For those who don’t want to go through that hassle, there is a completely free way to connect a smartphone and TV.


Here is a third way to show us photos and content how to connect your phone screen to your TV in one click without using cables, spending money, buying external cables, using mounts and wasting too much time. Mistake Android those who have devices with the operating system Google play store‘out of “screen mirroring” You can download the app for free.

Once this app is installed, it will be really easy to connect smartphone and TV. Once the app is open, it will run a quick scan to find our TV a second time. When this stage is completed, the best TV model will appear immediately. At this point, just click and wait for the connection between the two devices to be established. Here you got to know the method how to connect TV and smartphone with one click and finally enjoy the overview. Thanks to this simple trick you can play in full screen and watch our favorite videos, movies and series.

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