In the library in the historic building, children are accustomed to books with toys.

The historic building restored by the Metropolitan Municipality has served as a toy library for children aged 0-12 since 2015 with educational content developed by Bursa Uludağ University (BUÜ).

Built in the mid-17th century and used as a hammam and lodge, the later opened Alipaşa Toy Library supports the development of socio-economically disadvantaged children who do not have access to particularly qualified toys.

Members of the library, which also aims to prepare children for pre-school education, can borrow toys and books to take home.

There are also fairy tale readings, plays and workshops for those who come to the library, which has benefitted nearly 160,000 children since it opened.

Büşra Arıkan, a librarian and children’s developer, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the toy library was established 7 years ago in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality and BUÜ.

Arıkan explained that one of the goals of the library is to bring toys closer to children, Arıkan said, “We want to bring toys to children’s homes and play, contribute to their education, and make the library love the library with games. We have age-appropriate spaces.” called.

They also accommodate student groups.

Arıkan explained that many materials such as puzzle and board game sets, toys for boys and girls can be found in historical buildings.

Arıkan explained that children can borrow toys from the library for 15 days with an annual membership fee of 30 lira, Arıkan said:

“We host preschool and elementary school students in groups in our library. Children can benefit from the playroom, bookroom and workshop. This is a different environment, almost every child has all the toys at home, but here they make friends, socialize, and have a good time with their parents.”

Children and their parents, who benefit from the toy library, were also satisfied with the application.

Parents indicated that the library was very useful and that their children had a pleasant time.

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