Necmettin Batırel, nicknamed “Şakkadanak”: People are not bothered by price increases

WALL – Türkiye Newspaper writer Necmettin Batırel made statements in the TV show he watched after the central bank interest rate decision. “People’s income has gone up, so it’s not the same as before. As you know, the minimum wage has been increased by 50 percent. Guys, the prices are high, but they’re buying it,” he said.

In the program in which he participated with economist Özgür Demirtaş on CNN Türk, Batırel, who is well known throughout Turkey, was guest of Tarkan Kaleli with the phrase “If I were the central bank, I would sell the dollars”. BBN Turk TV. Saying that the interest rate could be lowered in June, Batırel argued that Turkey has great opportunities ahead.

Economist Necmettin Batırel assessed the impact of price increases on people as inflation continues to rise, saying: “People are now expecting a price increase. In other words, people don’t find this abnormal. it was said ‘Is that the price’ or something. Now I go to malls. Prices. It’s high, but they take it,” he said.

Tarkan Kalelis “Are citizens protecting themselves against the possibility of another price increase the next day?” When asked, Batırel said, “No, it doesn’t protect itself, but we’ve picked up such a bad habit that the price hike doesn’t bother us anymore.”

Batırel said that the 50 percent increase in the minimum wage raised income levels: “People’s income has increased, so it’s not the same as before. You know, the minimum wage went up 50 percent. Prices have gone up by 50 percent automatically. This is one of the developments that is having the greatest negative impact on people’s purchasing power.” (NEWS CENTER)

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