New book about Neşet Ertaş: “The Talent of the City”

WALL – The book “Neşet Ertaş – The Talent of the City” by the journalist Yunus Ülger has been published by Anı-Verlag. The book contains interviews Ülger conducted with Ertaş at home in Germany in early 2000 that were first published, as well as interviews previously published in the press.

The book also contains descriptive essays by Ülger aimed at gaining a better understanding of the bard’s music.

Neşet Ertaş: The temptation of the city, author: Yunus Ülger, 136 pages, Anı Kültür Yayınları, 2021.


Yunus Ülger stated that he wanted the book to be published during Neşet Ertaş’s lifetime, but this was not possible for special reasons. “My goal is to document the life of the bard from his childhood onwards and thus contribute to better identification of the bard and to make data available for research,” says Ülger. Ülger, who also wrote essays on Ertaş’ music, art and philosophy of life, said that these essays are an introduction to understanding Ertaş’ music. Recalling that many books have been published about Ertaş so far, Ülger stated that he felt that the poet’s music had not been sufficiently studied in these studies.


Ülger explains the reason for naming his book ‘The Talent of the City’: “Neşet Ertaş has always been referred to as ‘The Talent of the Steppes’ for years. However, this characterization is a misnomer for his poet’s music. Also, there is a song for folk poets like “Local Artist”. There is also contempt in it. Of course, the poet has the influence of the steppe in music, but he is a city poet, he came moved to the city in his early youth and composed his most important works here. Unlike his ancestors, he listened to and was influenced by many artists in the city, so Neşet Ertaş is the talent of the city. That is my argument in my book. I have trying to prove it,” he explained.


Yunus Ülger was born in 1963 in Kayaaltı Village in Hacibektas, Nevşehir. He graduated from Kirsehir High School in 1982. In the same year he began his journalism training at Ege University Press and Broadcasting School. From there he moved to the Ankara University Press and Broadcasting School and graduated in 1986. He began his training in communication sciences and social sciences at the Ruhr University Bochum in 1987 and graduated in 1998 with a master’s degree. In addition to his university education, he started working for the newspaper Hürriyet in 1988. In 2009 he moved to Sabah Newspaper. In the same year he began working at Kölner Rundfunk, the Turkish radio program of WDR, the public broadcaster of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. He left Sabah Newspaper in 2017 and returned to Hürriyet Newspaper. In 2018 he left the newspaper Hürriyet again. He is currently working as a freelance journalist for the Diken Zeitung and the Kölner Rundfunk. She also offers German and literacy courses for refugees in Germany. The writer, who learned to play baglama in his secondary school days, is interested in folk music as a layman.

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