New single from Sevda Deniz Karali: “Something Never Passed”

WALL – The new song “One Thing That Doesn’t Pass” by Sevda Deniz Karali, who sings and shares her favorite songs on her own Youtube channel, has been released on digital music platforms. The artist, who started his professional music career after his remarkable videos at Pasaj & Garaj Music, released his song “Nara” first.

The lyrics and composition of Sevda Deniz Karali’s new single “One Thing That Doesn’t Pass”, which she only played and sang with her ukulele, belongs to actress Seda Türkmen. The song was recorded, mixed and mastered at Ada Studios. The song was featured on the TRT TV series Innocents Apartment last week and attracted the attention of the masses.

Istanbul born Sevda Deniz Karali started her musical life by learning different languages ​​after studying German and opening her YouTube channel where she uploaded the songs accompanying her with the ukulele while translating for different publishers. The studied acting artist also works as an assistant director in a private theatre. (CULTURE ART SERVICE)

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