Nil Karaibrahimgil: I became a mother after realizing myself

On the maternity trial of the musician Nil Karaibrahimgil, “I became a mother after realizing myself.” called.

Karaibrahimgil is guest on the podcast show with his son who was born from his marriage to advertiser Serdar Erener. Aziz Arif and talked about family life.

Karaibrahimgil said that he gave birth to Aziz Arif at the right time, saying: “I wanted to get into the song and the music and live it to the fullest. Actually, I’m glad that’s the case. There is a special beauty in being a mother after you have reached saturation. It’s another journey to knowing yourself and feeling like you’ve completed flowering. After that, motherhood is a different taste. I think being a fulfilled mother was better for me.” he said.

“Serdar was ahead of me in experience”

Created by Evrim Sumer “Laylu and IKaraibrahimgil, who was a guest on the podcast show “”, also spoke about his marriage. Karaibrahimgil said that his wife Serdar Erener and their child Aziz Arif could do things differently, Karaibrahimgil said: “Serdar was already a father to two very sweet children when we got married. So he was ahead of me in terms of experience. As a curious mom, there isn’t a book I haven’t read. I am constantly revising myself and my motherhood, but I have realized that I cannot revise Serdar. Serdar is a deeply rooted person. Finally, we agreed that everyone should approach Aziz Arif with their own approach. I think that is a wealth for Aziz Arif.” expressed his opinion.

The journalist and columnist Evrim Sümer talks about parenthood with her guests every week in the podcast show “Laylu und Ben” that she prepares. In the program, in which experts in the field are also guests from time to time, the audience is given tips on child development, the latest developments and the experiences of the parents themselves.

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