Once upon a time in Çukurova (April 14, 2022) WATCH THE LATEST EPISODE! ATV Once upon a time Çukurova 132. Watch the new episode – gallery

Entry date: 04/15/2022 07:10
Update date: 04/15/2022

ATV live broadcast Bir Zamanlar Çukurova 132. Screen research for new episodes gained momentum on the day the series aired. Hakan, who is preparing to leave Çukurova in ATV’s long-running record-breaking streak this week, accidentally returns to the airport and learns that Fikret has been seriously injured. Worried that Abdülkadir will be badly injured, Betül agrees to marry Çolak, but her life is in danger when she tries to poison Çolak and gets caught. Those who want to watch this week’s episode of the series live on ATV look for the BZÇ Once Upon a Time Çukurova 132nd Episode screen. Here is the latest episode of Once Upon a Time Çukurova with ATV live broadcast on April 14, 2022 and details….

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