Öztrak’s suggested name for Albayrak’s book “This Is Very Important”.

Recalling that former finance and finance minister Berat Albayrak published a book, CHP deputy leader and party spokesman Faik Öztrak said: “He called it ‘This is very important’ as if mocking the nation. The title of this book should have been No Paper in the Safe. Since he called it “This is very important,” I hope he wrote the story, “Where’s the $128 billion?” in his book, which he pulled out of the back door of the Fed and sold by his affiliated state banks. ”

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CHP Deputy Chairman and Party Spokesman Faik Öztrak held a press conference at the headquarters after the CHP Central Board (MYK) meeting.

Commenting on the book, edited by former finance and finance minister Berat Albayrak, Öztrak said: “He called it ‘This is very important’ as if mocking the nation. The name of this book should have been ‘No Paper in the Safe’. He also wrote in his book the story, “Where’s the $128 billion” that he pulled out the back door of the central bank and sold from his affiliated state banks.

Öztrak, showing the 200 lira banknote put into circulation in 2009, said: “When it first came out, with those 200 lira we could buy 1.5 tanks of petrol and almost 2 tanks of diesel. Today not even 10 liters of fuel can be bought with the same 200 lira. You fill in 200 lire of fuel, the light in the tank hardly ever goes out. “said.


Öztrak’s statements are as follows:

Last month Russia invaded Ukraine. Tensions in the Black Sea have increased more than ever since World War II. Turkey put the war aside and tried to bring in the ships with sunflower oil that we imported from Russia and Ukraine. When this screaming war broke out, the arrogant palace was on a journey to Africa. It turned out that he had not taken any precautions and we were not prepared for this crisis. There is another famous saying attributed to the Chinese. “A crisis is also an opportunity”, but for crises to become opportunities, a certain amount of preparation is required… Because “fortune only favors the prepared minds”. We’ve seen that with every crisis we experience and then with missed opportunities.


Today, March 14 is Medicine Day and on the eve of this momentous day, Erdogan said to our doctors: “If they go, let them go, we also employ our doctors who have just graduated from university here; If necessary, we can quickly invite those who want to return to our country from abroad, these places will not be empty,” he said. The arrogant palace that welcomed Afghan and Syrian refugees said to the trained doctors and young children of that country: “Go!” Erdogan could appoint his driver as deputy, his unacquitted minister as ambassador, his wrestler as bank director and his son-in-law as minister. He made a salary for the palace society not from one but from two or three places, but because he wanted his rights he tried to put out the educated, qualified, honorable, deserving people of the country. Such arrogance, such arrogance, such envy of educated people has never been seen or heard in the world… A regulation providing for improvements in the salaries and working conditions of health workers was put before Parliament a few months ago . Then, whatever happened, he withdrew by order of the palace. “The regulation will be lifted on March 14,” it said. That also turned out to be a lie.


The groom believed in the saying: “In this country you can be anything, but you must not make a fool of yourself”. He relied too much on the saying “Memory-i-five will be disabled by Nisyan”. He wrote a book. He called it “This is very important,” as if mocking the nation. The title of this book should have been No Paper in the Safe. Since he called it “This is very important,” I hope he wrote the “Where’s $128 billion” story that he pulled out of the back door of the central bank and sold by his affiliated state banks. Because of the $128 billion that father-in-law and son-in-law have vaporized, our country’s foreign exchange treasury needs 70 cents. As of March 10, the CBRT’s foreign exchange vault had a deficit of $55 billion. We went to war in the North with an empty box. Again we were caught up in this war with record-breaking inflation. With inflation above 50 percent in February, Turkey overtook Argentina to become the inflation champion of the G-20 and the OECD. We are currently the 8th highest inflation country in the world.


The 50 percent increase in the minimum wage at the beginning of the year fell short of the starvation limit in the first two months. We always say: “It’s not important how much money you have in your pocket, but what you can buy with it.” Currently, our largest banknote is 200 lira. The 200 lira banknote went into circulation in January 2009. When it first came out it was 200 lire; 40 liters of sunflower oil were taken, now even 6 liters cannot be taken. When it first came out it was 200 lire; 90 packs of noodles were purchased, now only 20 packs can be purchased. When it first came out it was 200 lire; 12 kilos of beef were bought, 2 kilos are not available today. When it first came out it was 200 lire; While it was possible to buy 5 12 kg gas bottles in the kitchen, now not a single one can be bought. The price for the 12-kilogram kitchen tube was 300 lire. But the worst is in gasoline, diesel. When it first came out it was 200 lire; We were able to buy 1.5 tanks of petrol and almost 2 tanks of diesel, today not even 10 liters of fuel can be bought with the same 200 lira, you fill 200 lira of fuel, the light in the tank hardly goes out. Swing twice, the fuel tank light comes on again. Gasoline and diesel prices are scorching, no one wants to hold it. The EMRA president accuses the EPGIS, which announces the prices on television, of misleading the citizens. He says they will file a criminal complaint. EPGIS also rests and says: “Here, apply, it will be clear who is right and who is wrong”. It doesn’t matter if he said it or not. Result: diesel costs 23 lire and petrol more than 20 lire at the pump.


When we said that we will not pay the money for Talan Istanbul, Erdogan said: “They will get this money from you through international arbitration”, and he slept on his ear at Telecom. How do you run a state? Have you ever seen state education? If it were in another country, the person who did this would have a fuse pulled out of his nose in both national and international courts, but we left it to account, Erdoğan harbored whoever did it after taking it who fled dividends in his palace. For heaven’s sake, take a look at the board members of Türk Telekom from the past to the present.

Say, the vice president, the secretaries-general to the president, the president’s advisers, the deputy ministers, even the Nabataean minister’s path led through Türk Telekom… Now that the year 2026 is only a short time away, Erdogan himself is the end of his Way As he emerged, the Wealth Fund took over 55 percent of Turk Telekom’s shares from banks with a $1 billion 650 million loan. Why now? With 4 years to return to the state while the wealth fund was in the money, were the banks bailed out by borrowing? Or will the evidence at the crime scene be blacked out? Or will Türk Telekom be hastily turned into a boneless fish for someone shortly before the election? Who was promised what? ‘Miri’s are herringbones’. It cannot be swallowed. It gets stuck in the throat of the person trying to swallow it. The privatization of Türk Telekom will be one of the first things to be held accountable when we come to power. No one should doubt that.


IYI party leader Meral Akşener recalled that the words “We will release a compiler and collector whose name you don’t even know” were interpreted as “opening the doors to CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s candidacy for the IYI party are closed”, Öztrak said, “The question is IYI party leader Akşener.” It does not reflect everything he said. Right at the beginning of what was said there is another sentence. There is an entry. Mr. Akşener says here that “we will take over both the TGNA and the presidency”. He’s absolutely right,” he said.

In response to a question, Öztrak said: “No one in our party threatens a mother. CHP respects all mothers in this country. “Mothers are the crown of our heads,” he said.


When asked about the draft election law prepared by the AKP and MHP, Öztrak said: “When a government at work starts playing with the election laws, it means they understand that the end has come. No matter what they do, our nation has seen what they have done, turned in their notes and looks forward to the ballot box to send them home as soon as possible. Those who go, those who come, those who come,” he said.

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