Paramount Plus announces its ambitious series The Turkish Detective

Paramount Global’s digital publishing platform, Paramount Plus, is based on a series of 24 novels starring detectives Çetin İkmen and Mehmet Süleyman and created by celebrated British crime writer Barbara Nadel. The Turkish detective announced the series.

Yasemin Kay Allen and Ethan Kai star in The Turkish Detective alongside Haluk Bilginer, Emmy Award-winning TV series Personality. Filming of the series, which was prepared in cooperation with ViacomCBS, Miramax and Ay Yapım and will take place in present-day Istanbul, will begin filming in Istanbul this month and the broadcast date has been announced.

The Harry Potter star joined the cast of Disney+’s Ataturk series!

Emma Watson is also part of the Ataturk series that airs on Disney Plus. Here are the final details on the Atatürk series.

The Turkish detective will be released in 2023

In the first season of The Turkish Detective, consisting of 8 episodes Inspector Çetin İkmen (Haluk Bilginer), Mehmet Süleyman (Ethan Kai) and Detective Ayşe Farsakoğlu (Yasemin Kay Allen) We will watch the trio as they attempt to illuminate the crime stories based on Istanbul’s rich and diverse culture and history.

the turkish detective haluk bilginer
Haluk Bilginer will play Inspector Çetin İkmen in The Turkish Detective.

Written by Ben Schiffer, the series will be inspired by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Mr. That We Know from Robot Niels Arden Oplev Meeting. Executive producers are Marc Helwig and Bill Block from Miramax, Kerem Çatay from Ay Yapım and Claire Sowerby-Sheppard from Viacom International Studios (VIS).

Paramount+ Original Content Manager Nicole Clemens commented on the series. The Turkish detective “A universally compelling crime thriller set against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities in the world” Clemens said that Barbara Nadel’s novels come to life in this series.

It will also be released in countries where Paramount Plus is not available.

The Turkish Detective is published on the Paramount+ platform, which is currently only active in a few countries. In other countries it is distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution. If Paramount Plus does not come to the Turkish market by 2023, we will have to wait for the series to be released on a digital channel in our country.

A Paramount spokesperson told ShiftDelete.Net “We have no plans to launch the Paramount+ service in Turkey yet.” used the phrase.

Incidentally, that’s not what the Paramount+ press release says, but it does claim that famed director David Fincher will also be in the series. We don’t know if it’s safe as this information doesn’t come from official sources.

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