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A tradition specific to Istanbul

In the exhibition there are various examples of ridges made up of photographs obtained by İsmail Kara as a result of his archival scans.

Rector of the University Prof. DR. Ahmet Cevat Acar mentioned in his opening speech that ridges hold an important place in Islamic culture and said: “We have closely followed the scientific studies of teacher İsmail Kara, but I have his curiosity about the aesthetic dimension of Islamic history very late. Here is a small part of a very valuable photo archive. We would like to evaluate these studies at larger events in the future.”

In a statement to the AA correspondent after the opening, İsmail Kara stated that he is not a ridge master and is interested in ridges within the framework of religion and politics, saying: “The ridge has a religious, aesthetic and political side. The ridge was written and used only in the first quarter of the 19th century, mainly flowers, bridges, sails, baklava. For example, it was used as a tongue. he said.

Kara drew attention to the fact that the ridges were converted into writing directly with modernization, saying: “When the ridge is converted into writing, it is impossible for politics not to take an interest in it. From here on, the ridges are not only a religious and aesthetic element, but also a part of the ridge that changes according to the era, has ups and downs, and connects with the political language and the language of the time.The function of the ridges has increased with the conversion of the ridges into writing, but at the same time the poetry is weakened by the plain expression.” the phrases used.


Noting that the illumination of mosques and tombs in the Islamic world dates back to ancient times, Kara provided the following information:

“Even the word minaret means lighted place. However, what emerges as a ridge today and is mainly done during Ramadan is a tradition found only in Istanbul. It has no history outside of Istanbul. The ridge is a unique tradition in Muslim Istanbul. We can say that in addition to the cultural-aesthetic level in Istanbul, there are mosques with high topography and minarets with multiple balconies and external factors that allow the lighting to turn into a ridge.

İsmail Kara mentioned that he still thinks the ridge appliques in old mosques are high quality and beautiful, “Because the tradition is continued there, but the ridges installed with LED lighting in new mosques are a disaster. Unfortunately they don’t have any aesthetics.” I think the new ridges are too rough and bad to match the ridge tradition in Istanbul. gave his assessment.

Exhibition Open to visitors until April 17, the exhibition will be on view at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University’s Altunizade Campus until April 27.

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