‘Samsak Döveci’ crisis: Two artists could not share

Friends faced each other as the anonymous folk song “Samsak Döveci” sung by Elif Buse Doğan played by musician Serkan Çağrı went viral.

The song “Samsak Döveci,” which has been cracking the tongues of millions of people in recent days, has swept through social media.

“Langıdı langıdı lanlan, samsak bat, thumb punch, thumdudu gumban, hibiscus” The song, which attracted a lot of attention with its lyrics, found a voice in the interpretation of clarinet musician Serkan Çağrı and Elif Buse Doğan.

Social media users shot various videos and shared the song thousands of times.

Years later, when the anonymous song belonging to the Tavşanlı region of Kütahya became popular, an unexpected crisis occurred.

Samsak Döveci could not be shared

It became known that Elif Buse Doğan wanted to sing the song alone and release it as a single.

The clarinetist, upset about this situation, sang the song again with his own orchestra.

According to Sabah’s report, Serkan Çağrı said in a statement: “Buse tried to make the piece we did as a group her own. It wasn’t fair behavior, she shamed me. I never expected such behavior from someone I see as my brother.” called.

Contrary to her words, Elif Buse Doğan spoke of Serkan Çağrı. “I don’t argue with anyone, these are professional jobs. Our TV show with Serkan Çağrı is going on, you can see us side by side in other projects.” used the expressions.

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