Spotify update caused problems on Android devices

Spotify, the online music and podcast platform, started crashing after an update for Android devices. While users suffering from the issue said rebellion on the Spotify and Reddit community forums, the company issued a statement on the issue.

The mobile applications that we use almost every day receive updates at regular intervals (sometimes several times a day). Although these updates are made to improve the quality of the service in question and add new features to the application, sometimes the opposite happens and functioning functions can be disrupted.

Spotify’s Clubhouse Rivals app has been shut down

Spotify changed the name of the Greenroom application it developed to compete with Clubhouse to Spotify Live.

Spotify has recognized the problem

According to the shared feedback, in the Spotify Android app, after the recent updates, the playbar which is usually located at the bottom doesn’t appear at all or disappears suddenly while playing a song. With the disappearance of the bar, the song is played shut down completely or switch off for a few seconds is reported.

The vast majority of reports were shared by users of Samsung and Google Pixel smartphones running Android 12. Spotify officials said in an announcement shared on their community page that they are aware of the issue and have escalated it to the technical team to fix it.

If you are also facing the same situation, Spotify You can fix it by installing older version than , but since Google Play Store has no downgrade function, you need to find the old version from third-party APK sites. Let’s assume that this process is also risky.

No problem with the Spotify Lite app

Alternatively, you can use Spotify Lite, which uses less data. However, there is no offline playback function in this application. So you cannot download your albums and playlists. You must always be connected to the internet to listen to music on Spotify Lite.

Have you encountered any problems after updating Spotify? You can share your experiences in the comments section or on the SDN forum.

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