Stranger Things season 4 trailer released!

The first trailer for Stranger Things season 4, which will be making a comeback after almost three years, has been released. The trailer sparked even more anticipation for the new season.

Stranger Things fans’ 3-year expectations are finally coming to an end in the coming weeks. The popular sci-fi series returns in May with its beloved characters and after an intriguing season ending. While the question marks in people’s heads continue to multiply shortly before the return of the series, the new season of the series is coming up today. The first trailer has arrived.

The fourth season trailer released by Netflix will live up to the expectations of the three-year longing and the season preparing to be the longest season yet. It was 3 minutes long. The trailer for the new season, in which three separate families somehow met in a shared story, looked like this:

Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer:

New details released today suggest Stranger Things season 4 will have no episodes shorter than an hour and It will be the longest season showed. The creators of the series also announced that in the statement they directly shared what exactly Upside Down would be explained in the new season.

Stranger Things Season 4 premieres May 27 on Netflix.


Enjoy Stranger Things Season 4: It’s going to be the longest season!

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