Survivor Champion İsmail Balaban and İlayda Şeker get married

It turned out that İsmail Balaban and İlayda Şeker, whose friendships that started in the Survivor 2021 season turned into a union, were preparing for the wedding. The couple is said to be sitting at the wedding table this summer.

In Survivor 2021, İlayda Şeker and İsmail Balaban, who were on good terms on the island, became lovers after the end of the competition. Şeker was often on the agenda with his post-contest posts. Finally, İlayda Şeker, spotted shopping for a wedding at the bazaar with Survivor champion İsmail Balaban’s family, became the order of the day with the answers she gave to questions from her followers on her social media account.


28-year-old İlayda Şeker has made a name for herself by answering questions on her Instagram account. Şeker answered the question “What does the meaning of life mean to you?” by posting the photo of İsmail Balaban and saying “Ismail”.

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On the other hand, he gave the green light for the marriage when he answered the question “Where do you see yourself in five years?” from his followers in “Antalya Elmalı”, the hometown of İsmail Balaban. The couple is reportedly preparing for the wedding and will be at the wedding table this summer.

“Samsak Döveci” tension that shook social media! Two musicians have split up
The song, which has become popular with the words of Samsak Döveci (Langidi Lang Lang), the popular song of the last few days and has rocked social media lately, has bridged the gap between two famous names. When Serkan Çağrı and Elif Buse Doğan couldn’t share the popular song, the two commentators split. Serkan Çağrı, who got angry when Elif Buse Doğan wanted to release a single alone, said: “It was not fair behavior, it shamed me. I never expected such behavior from someone I consider my brother. I didn’t like that,” he said.

The verdicts of Seren Serengil and Yaşar İpek were announced

The verdicts of Seren Serengil and Yaşar İpek were announced
In the trial of defendants Seren Serengil and Yaşar İpek, who allegedly threatened to kill and insulted singer Özay Bakır, the court sentenced Serengil to a fine of 3,700 lire and İpek to 3 months in prison.

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