The perfect Apple TV+ series for those who haven’t watched too much: Severance

Severance is an Apple TV+ series that should be talked about a lot more. The most original series I’ve ever seen. I just finished the season finale and said, ‘This is art!’ I walk around the house.

The series follows the events of lumon industries, a company that aims to create work-life balance with a chip that separates work and personal life memories.

— spoilers —


After losing his wife, he starts working at Lumon. He’s actually a member of the company until he reads his brother-in-law’s book.


In the series, he expresses the feelings of us, the viewers, expressing that maybe everyone should respond to spending their days doing meaningless things. “You’re not human” Helly’s message to his outtie’s belly bluntly sums up the loss of dignity and humanity we endured at work. Britt Lower, who only plays Helly, has grown into a cute woman with red hair.


Things change when he learns he’s a father when he doesn’t care much about the inni-outie issue. Photos of Dylan in the Instagram account, fuck you mr. I broke down in the scene where he says milchick ahah he still says I can give you a coffee cup holder He could play the next Spiderman zach cherry.


Though he was the staunchest name for Lumon prior to what happened, it appears Irving’s outsider has become involved with Lumon and the freelance associates who have come up with a plan. He also looks like an ex-soldier and spends his time painting the dark hallway and the elevator that leads down to the warehouse door that Miss Casey goes through. first crimson hawk on the batman, now on severance. we agree with you, turturro.

When I saw Peter’s daughter June at the funeral, even though she knew he was dead, I thought maybe Mark’s wife hadn’t died either, but Ms. I didn’t think it would be Casey.

The noise heard from the back of the break room is the person’s biggest fear/something they are afraid of being let down. For example, Dylan hears a baby cry and is afraid of not being a good father, while Helly hears an old man speaking who is afraid of disappointing his father or just afraid of his father.

The Lumon company is a big company to my knowledge and since it engages in radical activities like secession, I think it has some ties to the state. Whatever it is, I think the state has an interest in it. We also saw that there are houses on the map that Peter drew. In these houses, people with outies are likely to stay like Casey.

You know Anton Chekhov’s famous saying about the theater: “If there is a gun on the stage, it will definitely explode.” As in every good series, no detail is shown in vain here. You must be alert at all times. Some directors show it to show that this scene doesn’t serve the story.

The series also beautifully depicts the dystopian, everyday reality of the modern workplace. good references were made to the ridiculous reward system of today’s big corporations; Dance time, waffle party…

The casting went well. John Turturro, Adam Scott, Christopher Walken… they all played very well. Apple also started Emmy studies for Adam Scott and John Turturro.

— spoilers —

This series reminded me of Westworld season 1 mystery. It’s not thematically comparable to Westworld, but I’m a fan of mindfuck series. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a TV show that has locked me down like this.

In Westworld, we watched the slowly regaining consciousness robots try to break free. In this series we see the liberation efforts of people whose minds are divided in two and who gradually become conscious.

Aside from the philosophy of the series, it’s also a very hard work in terms of visuals. It felt like watching a movie.

According to Variety, Severance will compete for the award for best drama (succession) series like Succession, Euphoria, Better Call Saul. I don’t think he will win. very tough opponents. especially succession.

The series started with an 8.2 on imdb’s most popular series list and now has an 8.6 rating. I think it will increase even more. Without a doubt the best TV series of 2022. thanks apple. They let us see good series

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