The screenwriter of the Ghost of Tsushima movie has been announced

Finally there is new news from Ghost of Tsushima’s highly anticipated film, voted Best PlayStation Game of 2020. The film’s screenwriter will be Takashi Dorscher.

Ghost of Tsushima, long one of the most popular games of PlayStation 4 and 5, recently came to the fore with interesting news. After accidentally being free for a short time for PlayStation 4 users, many users managed to add the game to their collection.

No changes were made by PlayStation after this error. However, there is a new message that will excite the fans of the game. As you know, Ghost of Tsushima has long been expected to be filmed. New information has appeared that will delight those who are eagerly awaiting the film adaptation of the game, which impresses with its graphics and story.

The film’s screenwriter will be Takashi Doscher

It has been announced that Chad Stahelski, the successful director of John Wick, will be directing the film adaptation of the game, which has been one of the most successful PlayStation games since its release. However, no details were given about the cast and screenwriter of the film. After a long wait, new news about the film came today. The script of the film Tahashi Doscher, who we know from the Still and Only movies It has been announced that Ghost of Tsushima is being written.


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Information about the cast of the film is still being kept secret. However along with two big names appearing as directors and screenwriters The feeling that a successful work is being done in the film is increasing. Although work on the film is a bit slow, we are sure that many of us will forget this long wait after seeing a good adaptation. We hope to have new and surprising news from the cast soon.

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