Those who saw it were shocked! The years have not pitied Xena, the warrior princess of the 90s! Lucy Lawless who gave life to Xena was the event with her final version!

Entry date: 04/14/2022 09:39
Update date: 04/14/2022

For a while, warrior princess Xena disappointed her fans with her change. Lucy Lawless, the beautiful warrior princess from the unforgettable 90’s TV series Xena, is one of those famous names to be cherished for years. Lucy Lawless (Zeyna), who brings Xena to life, now difficult to recognize by those who see her, surprises with her final form. The series was filmed in New Zealand between 1995 and 2001 and starred Lucy Lawless (Xena) and Renêe O’Connor (Gabrielle). Lucy Lawless aka Xena; The warrior princess costume managed to catch the attention of people of all ages thanks to the iron rings she threw, her extremely cool attitude and her great fighting techniques. So are you curious about the latest version of Xena? Here’s the latest version of Lucy Lawless, the leading lady of Zeyna, who has been making her mark for a while and will be seen by young and old alike, and the old and new versions of the famous names we’ve rounded up for you…

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