We and the local people were shocked, we stared after the man

Şener Savaş, who has participated in many successful projects, now appears in front of the audience with the character “Sultan Mesud” that he brought to life in the series “Organization Osman” broadcast on ATV screens. We had a pleasant conversation with Şener Savaş, who received applause for his acting performance.

Answering the questions of Merve Aydın from Aksam.com.tr Şener Savaş spoke about his strangers. Şener Savaş also spoke about an unforgettable memory.

You have participated in projects such as Bandit Does Not Rule the World, Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare, Magnificent Century: Kösem and Establishment Osman… Well, who is Şener Savaş for short, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I got into the theater in 1991. Since then I have acted in many plays in different theaters for about 30 years. My first step into television was with the TV series Sırılsıklam. Then I took part in many television and cinema projects. He currently plays the character of Sultan Mesud, the Sultan of Sulcuk in the TV series Establishment Osman. I play.”

How do you compare acting in historical television series to current work? Does it get better at mirroring your acting?

“Historical TV series equip the actor better. Sword handling, horseback riding, and historical research into action scenes also lead to experiencing many events not known in the story. In current series, on the other hand, there are big differences.” in scenario, costume, location and shooting, because they tell our day. On the other hand, scenario, locations, plateaus, costumes suitable for the time require more care and attention. Of course, if the character you’re playing in terms of acting is someone whose name is mentioned in the story, do your best to reflect that.”

Do you find similar aspects to yourself in the character of Sultan Mesut that you brought to life? And how does it feel to play such a name that made history?

“Sultan Mesud tried to hold the Seljuk Sultanate, which was in trouble in the last Seljuk period, by showing big battles. From here we understand that he is a fighting person. We also see that he is a sultan which gives importance to friendship. In these aspects there is a similarity between us. I came here caring about the friendships around me.

I feel like the character I’m playing is valued by the audience, while I’m happy as an actor, this mission within the project honors me.”

Recently, actors prefer to stay away from television projects and turn to digital platforms … What do you think about it?

“I don’t think the players have turned to the digital. The digital have turned to the players. The digital have made deals with a lot of players to get their name out there and be seen. If you ask me, it will continue to give and protect television channels, because TV channels can easily enter any home, while digital channels can be found in one’s life upon purchase.

How do you spend your time on set? If you have an unforgettable moment, can you share it with us?

“Since the show has been running for a long time, the staff know their job and do it very well. We usually spend time on set doing pre-shoots, costume scenarios and rehearsals.

My memory is that one day we were sitting in a place with friends, suddenly a voice behind me called: “My Sultan”, I was joking or someone wanted to say hello, I laughed and said: “You should say it, venerable one.” I turned and looked at the man seriously and sharply, the people around the table fell silent and the people in the bar looked at us, so I stopped smiling and walked in with a serious demeanor. The man said, “Thank you, my Sultan. I said ‘Why my son’, he said ‘I am Sultan because you didn’t leave Osman Bey alone in the war’, he bowed and saluted, shouted ‘Long live Sultan Mesud’ and left the place, we and the people in it Ort took care of the shocked man.

How is your relationship with social media? Has the fact that social media is now a career tool changed the way you look at the industry?

“My work with social media is limited. I don’t think social media has a very important place in an actor’s career because 4 years ago the producers did projects like social media phenomena. Even the supporters of this phenomenon did not watch Many of the projects. I think social media has an impact on an actor’s career. “Social media is important, but I don’t think it should be a criterion for casting.”

Are there any younger generation actor names that you like? And what advice would you give young names for acting?

“There are names from the younger generation that I like. It doesn’t feel right to say those names. Names that have already proven themselves as actors are accepted by the audience. My suggestion is that they should not lose their work discipline. Acting is a profession that changes depending on the person. As a result of the energy and synergy created by the person wanting to act in their own inner world. It’s about how well she can imagine that character and get that character across to the audience.”

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