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MANY Berat Albayrak’s book begins with a simple, very humble, very short and surprising life story.

I read this section like water.


He grew up in Fatih. He was made aware of the case by his father, Sadik Albayrak. She wanted to study sociology on the Bosphorus, but changed her mind at short notice and studied business administration at Istanbul University.

At this point, Berat Albayrak made a very sweet note.

The note says:

“It was always a wish of mine to change my sociology preference last night. Until God gives me a sociologist to wife.” I should also emphasize that there is a smiley face at the end of this sentence.

During his student days he bought a Fiat Uno. Then he replaced that car with a VW Polo. He made capital by selling this car on the way to the USA.

And another sweet note:


It was a twist of fate to follow and reunite with my 1996 model Fiat Uno in 2021, my first unforgettable memory.

A few days after the 9/11 incident, he traveled to the United States and also to New York. After returning to TurkeyFinancing renewable energiesHe has a PhD in this field.


IN THE BOOK No polemics, no defense, no insult.

What is that?

There is water:

There is an effort to reflect, from his own perspective, in a candid atmosphere, the two distinct ministries he rendered.


Minister of Energy There is very detailed analysis in the book of the time he was in.

The goal of achieving national energy … Fighting obstacles … Acquiring drilling ships … Beginning research …

Albayrak summarizes the company’s philosophy in the following three sentences:

ONE: To make a claim.

TWO: Defend your own right.

THREE: Cut off your own belly.

Minister of Finance and Finance During his time his main objective is:

Protecting the Turkish Economy from Speculative Attacks… Eliminating the Tools Used for Such Attacks…


He explained how they overcame inflation in their own time with the following sentences:


“By achieving complete harmony between monetary and fiscal policies in the fight against inflation, we have reduced inflation, which we assumed at 25 percent, by single digits in a year. Despite the challenging conditions in the COVID-19 period, we have kept inflation at 11 percent.”


Albayrak sees the following two issues as crucial: Financial security and full independence in business. He believes he has made bold moves in both of these areas. He believes that’s why he was subjected to character assassination.

He believes speculative FX attacks against Turkey are not as easy as they used to be.

What does the book by Berat Albayrak say?


ADVISES Albayrak’s latest manifesto is very hopeful.

He says:

“I can say very clearly that we have crossed the bridge. Yes! As the Republic of Turkey, we crossed the bridge. It didn’t take very long. We will enter the strongest period in the country’s history in terms of economic and welfare levels even before we reach 2030. Our process of becoming one of the most developed countries in the world in terms of per capita income, current account, employment and output will begin.”


Finally I have to say:


“Berat Albayrak” when it comes to…

Put aside the images, ideas, perceptions that come to mind.

To present a correct and objective Berat Albayrak If you want to have…

Be sure to read the book in which he describes himself very honestly.


Not only will you get to know Berat Albayrak better, you will also be well informed about business and energy.


AGE In front…

Cities were conquered on horseback.


When a city is conquered…

The conquering commander reared up his horse and then turned to the people of the conquered city and said:


“Your property, your life, your chastity and your faith are under our guarantee.”

What does the book by Berat Albayrak say?

Centuries have passed.

The times have changed.

My discourse has changed.

My approach has changed.

Something called institutionalization came into play.

Law stepped in.

Written assurances came into play.

Immutable rules came into play.


and method of assurancetook a very different form.


But our Minister of Finance and Treasury Nureddin Nabatias if centuries had not passed, as if nothing had changed, as if we were in a time of conquest on horseback …

In a speech he gave abroad, he addressed foreign investors as follows:


“We are a secure life, property, race and creed country. Your property and your life are both safe.”


This backup method…

This discourages foreign investors rather than reassuring them.


Property, Life, Race, Faith endeavors to obtain verbal assurance for …

It occupies the French, the Germans, the English.

He says, “I guess there’s a job here”.


I know, Nureddin Bey, with good intentions tries to attract foreign investors to our country.


But that is not possible with this method.


It must be done in accordance with today’s language, today’s world and today’s concepts.


I ask:

Where was the road paved with good intentions?

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