Women signing the book ‘Women’s Century’.

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DIYARBAKIR – The signing day of Hamza Özkan’s book The Century of Women, compiled into a book from interviews with politicians, trade unionists, journalists and women in many other professions during the pandemic period, was held at Payiz Bookstore in Diyarbakır.

HDP Group Vice-Chairman Meral Danış Beştaş, HDP Diyarbakır Province Co-Chairman Gülistan Atasoy Tekdemir and CHP Diyarbakır Province Chairman Gönül Özel attended the lecture and signing day as speakers. Sorgul Aytek Avşar, Arzu Kızılkaya, Birsen Güneş, Hatice Demir, Ayşe Güney, Nicola Yardimci and Meral Şimşek, who have interviews in the book, met with readers and signed books.


Welcoming the women who had interviews in the book and found them in prison, HDP parliamentary group vice-chair Meral Danış Beştaş said: “Today we are here to sign the book ‘Women’s Century’ created by the merger of the interviews with our girlfriends, but as Hamza Özkan, the author of the book, said: “Our girlfriends are being held hostage in prison.

“As part of the March 8 actions and activities, some friends are in the courthouse right now. 7 of our friends were arrested,” said Beştaş.

“This method is nothing more than the methods of a misogynist government that imprisons women. The AKP-MHP government bases its greatest fiction on hostility towards women and Kurds. The AKP-MHP government’s hostility towards Kurds has peaked. Attacks on women’s rights and struggles are also widespread: “These not only continue with arrests and detentions in the areas. They systematically restrict women’s freedom with the newly passed laws, decisions and courts,” he said.

Regarding the content of the book, Beştaş said: “This book is a book that questions and finds answers to the struggle of women and the attacks on women. However, women still have a long way to go against these attacks. But women will not give up this fight.”


Expressing that it is very difficult to be a woman all over the world, CHP Diyarbakır Provincial Chair Gönül Özel said: “It is much more difficult to be a woman in Turkey, in the cultural field and in every area. Women really deserve it in society. Especially in this last term of government, the president decides on women’s right to abortion. There are all kinds of oppression of women. We also defend ourselves against this oppression. Together we fight for an environment where women are more free and exist in all fields and we women are determined to win, we believe in that,” he said.


In conclusion, Gülistan Atasoy Tekdemir, Co-Chairman of HDP Diyarbakır Province, said:

“While we speak about women’s liberation in writing, unfortunately we must continue to speak about women prisoners. 7 of our friends were arrested today. Unfortunately, on March 8th, our women who resisted the oppression were arrested. On the one hand, we have to talk about imprisonment, unfortunately that is the reality in Turkey. Actually it is. It reminds us of the continuity of the struggle. Developments in the city we live in show us that there is no country where women are not free can really be free.

After the speeches, the women attending the event signed their books for readers.

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