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“Cahide Sonku: From Glory to Misery.” Cahide Sonku, whose life is summed up by that title on the worn pages of Ses Magazine, was the producer, lead actress and one of the three directors of the film ‘Expected Song’ screening tonight at the 41st Istanbul Film Festival It was Zeki Mürens first film, the film that influenced the lives of the two main actors Journalist and screenwriter Enis Rıza Olcayto described their life in an article signed “ET Olcayto” in Ses magazine of November 26, 1966, “No theater and film actress in Turkey was ever as good as Cahide Sonku. He failed to reach the pinnacle of fame and fortune, but again, no famous star has descended into an abyss of misery and deprivation like him.”

Author, critic and journalist Agâh Özgüç also published a book in 2007 entitled “Cahide Sonku – Memories in Napkin Papers” about the conversations he had with Cahide Sonku before her death on March 18, 1981, when her alcohol addiction was at an advanced stage Stage. Cahide Sonku narrates The Expected Song shooting story, “On an Alcoholic Night.” Back when an attempt was made to film Peride Celal’s book Yıldız Tepe, Sonku’s billionaire husband İhsan Doruk asked her to cast Zeki Müren in the lead role. Surprised by this, Cahide Sonku doesn’t even think about making a film with Zeki Müren. As a result of long discussions and endless insistence, an agreement was reached when Sadık Şendil proposed the work The Expected Song. Sonku continues: “I also accept the role of Zeki Müren. And we start advertising. “The Expected Song” brings in an incredible 1.5 million, which we never thought possible. Zeki Müren, on the other hand, is not ready to sign a contract for the second film. He only signs on blank paper. Anyway, we’re halfway through the film, Zeki Müren says, ‘I want two hundred thousand lire or I’ll leave the film’. However, we talked about 25,000 lire before we started the film. I say, ‘Let go son, okay. We don’t want to make money off you,’ I say. I say, ‘I won’t give you a dime’ and stop working. We collected 25 signatures about Zeki Müren’s behavior on the set of the film. And we put the papers in the safe to present to the court. We also changed some scenes of the film. After the film ended, Zeki and I stood in court. In those days I gave birth to my child. And I didn’t go to court. In the end, Zeki Müren took 200,000 lire from me in no time at all.”

This is where Agâh Özgüç steps in and narrates what Nokta Magazine’s Zeki Müren Ayda Özlü Çevik told about the incident: “Sami Ayanoğlu is a casino man for a role in this film. Melahat İçli asked me: “Why do you suffer with this voice? He brings it to the casino by saying, “Come and read where I work. And they let me sign the blank stamp. My name in the film is Zeki Müren. The camera rolls while I sign the blank stamp. Of course we make films. The woman keeps this paper. Anyone who knows that is not dead. For example, lawyer Buran Hanım. The film is over, the woman is threatening. “You make the second film for me, or I fill in the blank stamp.” But what money? I put my signature on the role. He was still saying, ‘I’ll fill it up and let you do ten films’. do you ever think about it Have your signature appear as blackmail for a role in a film.”

Agâh Özgüç also points out that this statement contradicts what Sonku told him in the tavern.


According to ET Olcayto’s writing, Sonku is devastated along with other films in The Expected Song when the Sonku Film warehouse fire broke out, two years after she split from her wealthy husband İhsan Doruk. Films are uninsured. “After that day, the peaks began to decline,” says Olcayto.

Agâh Özgüç also cites Cahide Sonku’s complaint after “The Expected Song” was broadcast on TV: “The Expected Song was shown on TV screens a few years ago. And Sonku said of the TV show of his film he owns: “I don’t understand who sold my film to TV. Of course I own the film. I am registered with the Ankara Chamber of Commerce. This film of mine was destroyed in the warehouse fire on Buyuk Bayram Street. Was a copy of the film in Hadi Yaman? But Hadi Yaman is not alive! She died… “Here is Cahide Sonku, she could not solve this problem that has been bothering her for years. And he kept complaining about it. Of course, Cahide should have been paid a “copyright” since she was the owner of the film. “Please check with TRT regarding this situation. Who sold this film and who got the money?’ he insisted. However, the artist would have died without knowing this truth.”


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