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The waste of three things has bothered me for as long as I can remember. time, food and information. Let’s leave the waste of time to the next few weeks and host two current issues in our corner this week.
The first topic is the continuation of last week. In January, Gastronometro, a subsidiary of Metro Turkey, launched training courses for chefs and industry professionals, the first part of which took place online and the rest in Gastronometro’s kitchen, to increase their awareness of food waste. The kitchen workshop to combat food waste was also part of this project.
This week, in this workshop, I will share with you the menu of delicious dishes that we have prepared with the materials that are considered waste in many kitchens, together with Gastronometro’s cooking instructors, dear Murat and Emrecan.

Food waste prevention menu.

The menu we prepared using materials that are usually considered waste in the workshop was simple but delicious.
– Fish croquettes
– Yoghurt crumbs, herb oil, coriander yoghurt cream
– sea bream
– Lentil stew, vegetable scrap sauce, dry miso
– Dessert with orange bread
– Aqua faba meringue, rice pudding chips, orange peel toffee

Fish croquettes: fish balls made from fish that cannot be used for various reasons; It was accompanied by an aromatic oil made from fresh herbs that cannot normally be used, cream of coriander made from aged yogurt and yogurt crunch obtained from the juice of this yogurt.
Gilthead Seabream: Made from gravy, vegetable scraps and leftovers; Dry miso is made from miso puree, which is made by peeling the fish and drying it following specific processes. Lentil stew is characterized by the fact that it does not produce any waste.
Turunç Bread Dessert: The dessert, prepared with stale bread and citrus sorbet, was accompanied by aqua faba meringue made from the juice of canned chickpeas, crispy rice pudding made from leftover rice pudding, and candied oranges made from the peel of squeezed oranges.
Those interested can find many similar recipes at www.gastronometro.com.tr.

A book

Tomorrow there will be a book signing in the historic Ahrida Synagogue, which will certainly be one of the most important sources of Istanbul’s cultural history.
The adventure of the doctor Yosef Sevi from Balat, born in Istanbul in 1943 and after his education settled in Ashkelon in 1969, first in Balat, then in different districts of Istanbul and Israel; Reading From Balat to Ashkelon, Once Upon a Time Cosmopolitan Balat Memories, in which he tells of his love for the job and his deep longing for Balat, the paradise of his childhood, one suddenly finds oneself in old Balat, where People of different backgrounds lived brotherly, shared life and were friendly. .
Before I forget, Dr. Another occupation of Sevi is making models of old Istanbul houses. At the opening of an exhibition at the Turkish Cultural Center in Tel Aviv in 2019, Dr. It will be possible to see samples of Sevis models on the day of signing.

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