Another joke crisis at the Oscars: I’m getting death threats

Will Smith‘from Chris RockAnother of the Oscars 2022 hosts whose discussions continue with the slapping scandal he started. Amy Schumeractor Kirsten DunstHe said he received death threats after his joke.

According to the news reported by NTV, Calling Dunst a seat filler, Schumer picked up the actor and began speaking to his wife, Plemons. Schumer’s joke, however, drew a reaction from audiences and followers of Dunst and Plemons.

Schumer revealed that authorities contacted him after the prank and received death threats. Schumer, “Hey, I appreciate your love for Kirsten Dunst. i love it too! I wouldn’t disrespect that queen like that.” called.

Schumer told Stern that this disclosure was necessary after the harassment and threats he received related to the joke spiraled out of control.

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