Are Petek Dinçöz and Reza Zarrab in love? Responding to the claim that rocked the magazine community

In Turkey for a while with their love and separation magazine Petek Dinçöz, who is among the names that have left their mark on the community, recently ended his 8-year marriage. Dinçöz, who decided to move to Miami after splitting from his wife Serkan Kodaloğlu, said in a post on his social media account, “I decided to settle in Miami so my son can improve his language.”

Supposed to live in love

However, it has been claimed that the reason Dinçöz settled in Miami was because of Reza Zarrab and that Dinçöz was with Zarrab.


According to MedyaTava’s report, Zarrab’s lawyer, Şeyda Yıldırım, made a statement on the matter. Yıldırım denied this claim and revealed that Dinçöz had settled in Miami for his son. Zarrab was married to singer Ebru Gündeş while living in Turkey. He also had a daughter with Gündeş.

Source: MedyaTava – Magazine

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