Berg Gönül Episode 60 Watch in full! Watch the latest episode of TRT 1 Gönül Mountain! Gönül Mountain Watch new episode “One Piece”.

mountain of the heart highly anticipated series 60th episode It was seen on TRT 1 screens on April 16, 2022. Here is the link where you can watch the new episode.


Taner is shaken by an unexpected message he received from İlhami at a family dinner with the blessings of Ramadan… Ramazan prepares to ask about Asuman, but the worries brought by the memories of the past leave him never go What will happen in the prayer ceremony of Ramadan and Asuman?

Meanwhile, his uncle’s sons receive a call from abroad. Uncle’s sons roll up their sleeves in excitement when they receive their first assignment… Zahide learns the startling truth when Fikret opens his will. How will this situation that awaits Zahide and Sefer affect the children?


While preparations for Ramadan are in full swing in Gedelli, everyone is in a hurry. This will be Kenan’s first Ramadan with his family. What will Ramadan entail as Veysel and his uncle’s sons, Kenan, roll up their sleeves to ensure they enjoy Ramadan to the fullest?

When Rıfat’s condition worsens, Ciritçi Abdullah intervenes. How will his journey with Ciritçi Abdullah cause reflections in Rıfat? On the other hand, Selami, finding himself in inheritance with the arrival of his older sister and brother, dons the armor of war. How will this rivalry with İlhami and Melahat Selami lead to adventures? Also, when Kenan receives an unexpected offer, he is torn between Elif and the offer. What will Kenan’s decision be?


An Anatolian tale in the steppe… Gönül Mountain is the story of the yellow lands, legends spoken for years and unforgettable love… …

Inspired by the invisible stories of Mustafa Çiftçi, the “pencil of the steppe” who reflects the steppe and the people who live in this geography in his works with a sincere language in all his stories, Gönül Mountain is a winning series will capture the audience’s appreciation and lock them to the screens in the first episode… A visual feast that will satisfy the audience’s longing for their homeland. …

Starring Berk Atan and Gülsüm Ali İlhan, the series tells the story of a warm, loving Anatolian people living in a cute town in the middle of the steppe. The story of people who wholeheartedly live their legends, traditions, values ​​forgotten in the cities, feel their love with their hearts while winning by the sweat of their brow and fighting for their lives for their hopes and dreams. .

He dreamed of one day meeting his childhood love Dilek, Taner’s amazing invention, with his cousins… Anatolian people with all their groomsmen, mourners, traditions and all sincerity… Yılkı horses, the adornment of steppe lands, the symbol the freedom. ..

Wherever the heart of a lover or an orphan is broken, it is said that a piece of stone is taken from the mountain of hearts, but big, but small…

The Gönül mountain that gives its wings to the lovers who cannot be reunited with their loved ones with the stones it throws.

Mount Gönül Episode 60 Watch in full


Inspired by the stories of Mustafa Çiftçi, Gönül Dağ is produced by Ferhat Eşsiz and directed by Yahya Samancı. With Berk Atan and Gülsim Ali İlhan, the master names of the art world Ecem Özkaya, Ferdi Sancar, Ali Dusenkalkar, Erdal Cindoruk, Gülhan Tekin, Feyza Işık, Ege Aydan, Eser Eyüboğlu, Cihat Süvarioğlu, Semih Ertürk, Nazlı Pınar Kaya, Sebnem Diligil, Yavuz Sepetçi, Nuri Gökaşan, Hüseyin Cute and Çiğdem Aygün play the roles.

Part of the 60th episode of the Gönül Mountain series aired on April 16. fully aspect View TRTThe link to watch from.

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