Book auction continues – Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality

The “Book Auction” organized by the Diyarbakır Municipality in a different place every month continues.

The book auction organized by the Metropolitan Municipality as part of the “Feqiyê Teyran Culture and Art Season” was held at the Student Life Center of Dicle University, with great interest from book lovers.

Citizens have the opportunity to sell or barter the books they have read at prices starting from 1 lire at the auction organized by the Ministry of Culture and Social Affairs to reach the books that are out of print and sell the books they have read.

Book lovers can learn ancient and modern languages ​​such as philosophy, history, geography, sociology, science, technology, art, psychology, economics, literature, political science, international relations, cinema, theater, music, painting in Turkish, Arabic, Ottoman, Persian, German and English The field work have the opportunity to purchase the works at an affordable price by auction.

At the end of the event, the rector of Dicle University, Prof. DR. Mehmet Karakoç, presented a book to the students.

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